Dropbox, Free QuickBooks File Sharing, Free QuickBooks Hosting, Free Web Backup (updated)

Dropbox is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to share or exchange files. The free 2g account can give you automatic free QuickBooks file sharing, automatic free QuickBooks hosting and automatic free web backup.

Dropbox gives you free QuickBooks file sharing, free QuickBooks hosting and free web backup by sharing a secure folder between different computers. You can have the same master Dropbox folder on your home, office and laptop computers. Simply use the same Dropbox site login on additional systems. Anything you add to this Dropbox folder, on any system, quickly transfers to the other systems. This gives you complete backup for nothing. Dropbox also gives you a week of backup for anything you accidentally delete.

Dropbox lets you then create many subfolders, for fast, easy and reliable file secure sharing with different friends, family members and clients. You MUST now use such file transfers for confidential accounting, financial, tax, medical, government and public company data. It is a FEDERAL CRIME to use regular email for this.

If you sign up, with my Dropbox link, we both get extra free space. You can THEN use this Dropbox referrals link to get lots of extra space for you and your friends. That will give you more free QuickBooks file sharing, free QuickBooks hosting and free web backup. Some QuickBooks experts warn about using QuickBooks with Dropbox. That only applies if you ignore THIS EXPERT ADVICE:



QuickBooks constantly changes data files for entries, indexes, file locks and program updates. If Dropbox tries to synchronize a QuickBooks QBW or QBY file, while QuickBooks is doing this, you often get QuickBooks file corruption. You can guarantee problems in large files of these types, or if two people are in one Dropbox QuickBooks (QBW or QBY) file at a time.

There is, however, an easy way around this. Never keep QuickBooks working data (QBW) files in Dropbox, even when not in use. You also should NEVER work on an Accountant Copy (QBY) file in a Dropbox folder. You can, instead, very quickly and easily, set QuickBooks to backup to Dropbox each time you exit QuickBooks. This will not waste time, since you switch windows and work on something else while QuickBooks finishes its backup. Please, however, let QuickBooks make three or more dated  backups to Dropbox for safety. Do not use time wasting verification.

You can then restore the latest Dropbox QuickBooks backup or Accountant Copy, to a location outside of Dropbox, before using QuickBooks with your Dropbox QuickBooks files. Remember to do this before using QuickBooks at the remote location. This gives you automatic free QuickBooks file sharing, automatic free QuickBooks hosting and automatic free web backup. If you make a mistake, or if you have any QuickBooks data file problems (unrelated to Dropbox), you will always still have a series of good current backups.

By the way, it is annoying to use Dropbox unless it is in the root of your C drive (or other local data drive). You can set this while installing with a custom install. You simply check two boxes and Change Location. You also can right click the icon, to the right of your system tray. You then select Preferences, Advanced, Change Location.

Of course, we can do this and much more for you, with our very low cost remote GFI QuickBooks support, with automatic computer diagnostics and computer support. This includes automatic back up of all your QuickBooks files, to 10 computers and the Dropbox server, each time you use QuickBooks.

For a limited time, we will give you our GFI setup and QuickBooks Dropbox backup service (FREE)! We are doing this so you can see how our (optional) inexpensive remote GFI computer support, QuickBooks support and bookkeeping help, can help you with your business computers, bookkeping and taxes.

Simply contact us to get started.


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