Double Electric Power Cheaper

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Double Electric Power Cheaper

An amazing 2012 (!!!) news story showed how to double electric power for much less. It is completely reliable. It also is low-tech. And, it is a pollution-free green solution. Finally, we can even mass-produce it fast.  We only need to surround wind turbines with helium-filled rings. The picture below had a prototype floated 350+ feet in the air. This lets it use far faster and more reliable wind. Tethers position the turbine and instantly conduct electricity to the ground to Double Electric Power Cheaper.

Double Electric Cheap Safety

The tethers also can bring the turbine down when high altitude winds are too strong. That will be automatic in production models, to double electric power for less. Examples of similar automation are in area large solar farms. Some cover well over a square mile but have only two-person crews. I agreed with my wife, who is probably because one sleeps when one works. 

Double Electric Power Cheap

We should soon use wind turbines at higher altitudes. Winds are often far faster and more reliable there. This is a great, even for utilities converting to cheap and rather clean natural gas. The United States and Canada now have too much gas and large areas with high winds to Double Electric Power Cheaper. Do you remember many doomsayers saying we were running out of coal and oil? We now have too much of both. And, do you remember when energy independence was a big campaign issue? With extra coal oil, a natural gas glut and accelerating electric car conversion, we no longer hear much about this in campaigns.

Most areas have strong winds at high altitudes.

But, high wind areas are often lightly populated. Therefore, they should be good at doubling electric power for much less. This also will be good for remote and offshore areas, where long-distance cables are costly, if not polluting.

Double Electric Power Cheaper

Double Electric Power Cheaper – Altaeros Turbine


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