Double Electric Power, 65% Cheaper

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An amazing new story shows how to double electric power, 65% cheaper. It is a completely reliable, low-tech, pollution–free green solution. We can mass-produce it quickly. All we need do, to double electric power, 65% cheaper, is to surround a wind turbine with helium-filled rings. As the picture below shows, these float the turbine 350 feet or more in the air. This lets it use far faster and more reliable wind. Tethers position the turbine and instantly conduct electricity to the ground.

We should soon use these inflatable high-altitude wind turbines at far higher altitudes, where winds are far faster and more reliable. This is a terrific story, even for the many utilities now converting to cheap and clean natural gas. The United States and Canada have massive supplies of natural gas, but they also have extensive areas with high winds. Most areas have strong winds at high altitudes, but these high wind areas are often lightly populated, so they should be especially good for this way to double electric power, 65% cheaper. This way to double electric power, 65% cheaper, also will be outstanding for remote and offshore areas, where long distance cables are costly.




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