Do you hate accounting? Save time and money by NOT doing it

If you hate accounting, stop doing it!

You cannot do accounting (or anything else) well if you hate it. Now you can stop doing accounting and get far better and more accurate accounting records, far faster, for far less than you now pay.

Do you pay nothing for accounting?

Then you can save the most time and money by not doing accounting. You can save by having more time available to run your business and enjoy your friends and family. You may even have time to make better friends of your customers and really make money.

How can you do this? We use the fastest and easiest program and out inexpensive help, so you have nothing to learn.

We use the best automatic accounting program. It has been at least doubling users for more than five years. Here is what the stock market, which often predicts the future, has thought about them for these five years compared to Intuit (QuickBooks or Quicken):

That is no surprise, since QuickBooks has been losing users. The new company also just raised an extra $150 million for expansion this week. This so excited the stock market that it jumped 50% more this week!

Here is why:

  • Bank and credit card entries import nightly, automatically
  • Our own program automatically assigns and saves most imports
  • Nothing to learn or do for most companies
  • Records always completely up to date (nightly)
  • Make any entries you wish (24/7)
  • Examine records and get far better reports (24/7)
  • Reports securely emailed on your schedule
  • Use your computer or a smartphone
  • Never backup or upgrade (automatic continuous backup)
  • No antivirus or malware programs needed
  • Multiple redundant computers at multiple highly secure sites
  • No computer repairs or upgrades
  • Very inexpensive CPAs do anything needed
  • You save 25%+

We even transfer your QuickBooks or other accounting program data to your new program. You can drop us anytime and still keep this program.


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