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You can now contact me for the fastest and easiest free accounting, including free small business accounting. This should soon mean that most individuals and small businesses will no longer pay me as a CPA (45 years) or a nationally known QuickBooks expert (12 years).


After a lifetime of mainly small business accounting and tax fighting, I now believe that using QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree, Excel, and paper records, all waste time and money for most individuals and small businesses. Even experts like me rarely produce complete, current, or fully accurate results with them.

My free accounting and free small business accounting AUTOMATICALLY gives you more complete daily results than I once provided at CPA rates. This free accounting and free small business accounting has graphs and reports anyone can quickly and easily understand. It also warns about unusual bank and credit card charges and fees, low balances, and much more, while comparing your results to averages and helping you save money.

I do this with two nationally-known (to a few) secure web services, plus a fast-growing set of additions. You do not give out your social security number to use these services. Once I start them up, they automatically enter almost all your bank, credit card, debit card, loan, and investment account transactions every day. They also give you many money savings credit and financial management suggestions, which none of the above programs have.

Here are the only costs of my “free accounting services:”

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Support efforts to cut taxes and the size of government.
….(no contribution and NO LIBS needed)

I will not know if you do this (or keep doing it, when you want my help again), but your promise is the price of my free help.

Here are some of my low-cost OPTIONAL services:

Help you better use web services
Help with any accounting not done by the free web services
Free credit reports (no subscription charges)
Low-cost tax returns and installment payment agreements
….(for small businesses and back taxes)
Stop creditor contacts
Improve credit ratings
Mortgage loan modification and foreclosure defense assistance
….(or get cash from fast sales)

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