Fastest and Easiest QuickBooks Chicken Accounting

For the fastest and easiest small business accounting and small business tax cuts, you need fast and easy QuickBooks Chicken Accounting.

Chicks often come by mail. These were about two weeks older than when they came, so they are 

Chicks by mail + 2 weeks:

Four did not survive the mail and one died later, so these are some of the  

45 chicks at 7 weeks (total)

They were very fast growing hybrids, so Gary thought some might break legs if he did not process them quickly. They taste much better than any store-bought chicken we ever had. 

Here is a more solid variety. However, when we took this picture we had:

49 new chicks at 7 weeks

This can get out of hand quickly, so we need QuickBooks Online for our Fast QuickBooks Chicken Accounting.  My next QuickBooks-blog post will begin discussing:

  1. Increasingly powerful QuickBooks automatic accounting
  2. Better QuickBooks business management
  3. QuickBooks Optimized income and deductions (low tax cost and Obamacare cost) 

Please contact me with any questions.

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