Cathy Iconis Chats with Intuit Developer Evangelist, Ask Questions

Cathy Iconis, a well know QuickBooks authority and trainer, had an excellent Chat with Intuit Developer Evangelist David Leary.

They will have more chats on Twitter, Thursdays at 3PM Eastern. Go go to the #QBOchat page to learn more about this: I missed the first Chat so I posted this in response to the request to ask questions:

Hi David:

I am glad Intuit gave you your title. Unless you answer before your next chat. I am looking forward to asking you this then.

  1. Why did Intuit take so long to use the free open industry-standard RESTful interface? Specifically, did this relate to Xero and Freshbooks competition?
  2. It was a shock to learn that Xero had 300 connected RESTful add-ons, while Freshbooks had 67 and QB Online had only 38 add-ons of every type. Many of us should know that QB desktop has been losing users and the cloud is the future. Brad Smith, Intuit CEO, said that 75% of Intuit development money was now going towards online products. Do you now expect to catch up?
  3. Will non-developers be able to create add-ons for our own use?
  4. Did these changes this satisfy Chuck Vigeant, the leading QB add-ons developer, who wrote the outstanding Sleeter post, The Demise of the QuickBooks Third Party Developer?
  5. Did the discussion of Metcalfe’s Law (the value of a network increases exponentially [or substantially] as each new user joins) come up in the decision to make the add-ons changes)?
  6. Does RESTful now interface to the original SDK?
  7. Why would you use the SDK with RESTful when you should be able to use it without it?
  8. Would the SDK be only for legacy SDK apps?
  9. Is Intuit providing any tools for IPP to SDK and/or RESTful conversion?
  10. Will the RESTful interface soon access payroll, or will that remain an Intuit-only monopoly?
  11. Will the RESTful interface soon interface things that the SDK and IPP never did before?
  12. Will add-ons be able to access ProAdvisor profiles?

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