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My rather small business accounting and business tax practice was once #3 in U.S. Xero clients. Xero CEO Rod Drury linked to this QuickBooks-blog and Tweeted about me, with a great picture (my opinion). However, as many keep finding, Xero is all hype and outright lies. That is what say about a company that endlessly breaks promises on due dates, covers up how long it does this despite countless requests and releases very bad versions of what users want.

Ridiculously incompetent programmers and managers endlessly delayed and recalled a useless U.S. payroll, made countless time-wasting changes, ignore almost all user Feature Requests for many years and almost never extend the interface to integrate software add-ons. Xero has no phone support and often replaces U.S. Xero personnel. There were no visible pre-release user beta tests for many years. As the only repeat #1 QuickBooks Top Beta Tester, I kept asking.  Xero also has some terrible (possibly New Zealand related) limits, accounts you cannot edit or archive and no journal entries to adjust bank accounts.

Xero began hiding more than 40,000 mainly critical Feature Request comments years ago. It first hid them with a Best Reply, written (hyped) by Xero people. Only after many protests and a long time did this become the Official Xero Reply (constantly changed for missed deadlines, combining other threads, or worse). Xero also retroactively dropped dates on Feature Request posts, so new users would not see how long we wanted changes. Xero recently very quickly archived (hid) a very active and almost always critical Dates on feature requests – Xero Community. thread. That is why a recent Forum post was so funny and tragic:

Hey Xero, any update on this feature?
A guide to the likely timescale would be useful for advising clients.

Experienced Xero users know that any Official Xero Reply is simply useless marketing hype (lies). We certainly should not keep using Xero based on it, since it keeps making us wait for many more years.

Happily, QuickBooks Online quickly improved, copying almost all the good in Xero, while beating it in many critical areas (transfer account classifying rules between companies; faster and better search and replace; automatic fixing of common receivable, payable, sales tax and payroll entries; fast adjustments to prior balances; not making you click OK on each imported entry (because it far faster to change them in QuickBooks than in Xero), four years of critical machine learning and too many other areas to mention). QuickBooks Online also adopted the same industry standard add-on interface as Xero, and dropped some developer charges, so it got many more QuickBooks Online add-ons (apps) than Xero add-ons. Finally, you also can base relative add-on popularity with Google links. On July 5, 2017 there were 324,000 Google links for QuickBooks add-ons and 153,000 links for Xero add-ons. This parallels the July 20 Google links for QuickBooks (21,900,000) vs Xero (10,200,000).

Finally, Quickbooks Online kills Xero on price, while remaining very profitable, vs endless big Xero losses. Xero charges $9 – $70/month, vs $10 – $50/month for QuickBooks Online, excluding temporary discounts for both companies. However, the $9 Xero version only allows an insane 5 invoices, 5 bills and 20 bank reconciliation entries a month, vs unlimited entries for all QuickBooks Online versions. Other plan list prices are comparable, since Xero includes payroll. However, the key for NEW CLIENTS is our free consultation and chronic QuickBooks Online wholesale special. It has the top-of-the-line QuickBooks Online PLUS FOR $5/MONTH.

Please contact me using my Quickbooks web form or by calling 954-600-2775.

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