Big FairTax Developments

Filed in Accounting, Business by on November 22, 2010

It has been an incredible week of big FairTax developments. Three TV news shows discussed the impact of the FairTax, multiple FairTax columns ran across the nation and a volunteer booked a FairTax representative, on the Fox Business Network, by starting a FairTax conversation on Facebook!

Look at these big FairTax developments to see how far we have come! No one mentioned FairTax developments during the 2000 and 2004 elections. By 2008, seven candidates voiced support for the big FairTax developments. CNN also showed that Americans liked what they heard!

In the recent elections, the big FairTax developments were a nationally recognized issue in dozens of races and won big.

Research, backing big FairTax developments, has been highly relevant to our economy from the beginning. There has been no change to the FairTax bill in Congress, though political control dramatically shifted. FairTax volunteers made all this happen and can now look back and enjoy their success.

Therefore, please stay engaged with all the tools. Plug in to local efforts by contacting a volunteer leader in your area. We are more organized, more hopeful and more determined to change Washington with our big FairTax developments message than ever before, but we need all FairTax supporters (and new supporters) in this fight.



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