Best Small Business Payroll – QuickBooks / Intuit Buying Paycycle

The Best Small Business Payroll is coming soon. Actually, the QuickBooks Best SBP and the Pay cycle BEST SBP are already here, but it will soon be much better.


Intuit owns Quicken, TurboTax, and QuickBooks, as well as the online QB Best SBP.

Now QuickBooks / Intuit is buying Paycycle, the Best SBP market leader. Few know why combining these two Best SBP online services, will soon give many times more users the Best SBP by far.


My clients and I use QuickBooks Small Business Payroll (desktop and online) and Paycycle Small Business Payroll online. My many pre-release tests recently involved very good SBP online changes. One key change lets you quickly and easily change amounts after you create checks (or direct deposits). You or your accountant often may want this, as the Best SBP amounts may differ from calculated amounts for many reasons. For example, you may need net check amounts to calculate support checks, garnishments, loans, and tax-planning withholding. However, the Paycycle Small Business Payroll makes you delete checks and start over for changes. QuickBooks Small Business Payroll people will soon correct this for the QuickBooks – Paycycle Small Business Payroll. They also should improve the Accountant Wholesale program of the Paycycle SBP, which the QuickBooks Small Business Payroll did not have.


This relates to a big advantage Intuit / QuickBooks usually has: a near-obsession with user input. Intuit invented software usability tests for Quicken. They have software designers interact with users, as we test pre-release programs. By day, Intuit founder Scott Cook did this with many novices and experts. By night, this co-founder rewrote Quicken. This lets novices install Quicken and write a check in 10 minutes when experts needed an hour with competing programs. Intuit then let users guide it to small and medium business accounting programs, with endless changes and add-ons. This has long given Intuit programs 60% to 98% market share.


If you doubt the Intuit near-obsession with user input, you did not read Inside Intuit (Amazon link right). You also do not have my 20+ years of near-constant Intuit product use (with clients everywhere) or 12 years of pre-release tests, Customer Advisory Councils and MANY email exchanges with top Intuit execs. You surely did not have Intuit CEO Brad Smith call you for 35 minutes during the Florida – Alabama football championship (I missed the end, despite a DVR). Brad also again practically apologized recently, because a trip made him delay an email response beyond his often-amazing five minutes.


Intuit’s concern with user feedback has and will give us a new Best SBP.

I have long used its user input concern to get Intuit changes. In 2000 QB required tax tables for each company using it, not each QB copy. I fought this as a moderator of the most popular QuickBooks newsgroup. This cost QB about $30 million and made me a pariah to some QuickBooks friends until their CEO wrote, Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks did not quickly fix many Small Business Payroll problems, so I began using Paycycle. Clients and non-clients got my Paycycle SBP Accountant Wholesale rate. Two years ago I sent Paycycle Small Business Payroll a long list of problems. The above ability to change paychecks, after creating them, was first on my list. Paycycle SBP did not change, so I gave my list to my friends at QuickBooks. I am one of very many who give feedback, and not privy to most decisions. However, the QuickBooks online Small Business Payroll now has my most wanted new feature and will soon have more that I cannot talk about, due to non-disclosure agreements. Based on the Census Bureau table, these should increase combined Paycycle / QuickBooks Best Small Business Payroll use by 500%+.


There should be many more users due to the Ultimate QuickBooks Add-ons: Intuit Federated Applications. These new Intuit-hosted and marketed Applications will let all web applications, including the new Paycycle / QuickBooks Best SBP fully link to and from the 25 million QB users in any open-source programming language. That is why I know, the Best SBP is already here AND coming soon. You too can have QuickBooks influence, lots of fun, learn QB better and get free prizes while helping create the best QuickBooks and the Best SBP. Simply sign up for pre-release tests. Comment below and add your feedback at the many in-QuickBooks program and web links, while using the QuickBooks 2009 user-to-user help I long pushed. Subscribe to this blog for the best QuickBooks insider/outsider tips and news. Get your QuickBooks answers at free monthly meetings of the largest QuickBooks Meetup or see our Meetup QuickBooks Video and other QuickBooks Video.

Finally, Contact us for QuickBooks Accounting Software, including help with QuickBooks, QuickBooks add-ons and using QuickBooks to block taxes (BlockTax).

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