Best small business accounting software?

Who do stock market investors think has the best accounting software?

After all, they vote with their dollars.

Here is what they said for 5 years, through September 20, 2013:

Xero QuickBooks stock pricew

That dull brown line is Intuit (QuickBooks).

Here is what I wrote this about the other company in May 2011: 

OMG! Xero is the future of accounting!


Here is what investors now say (a month later):

XRO INTUI 102213(Yahoo 7 Finance)

Yes, Xero jumped an extra 58%. Top venture capital stars gave it $150 million more, at above market prices, for U.S. expansion.

Here is one more comment about the best small business accounting software, from a company whose product works with Xero and QuickBooks:

Xero is the emerging leader in online accounting software,
providing business owners with real-time visibility of their
financial position in a way that’s simple, smart and secure.

So please contact this former top QuickBooks insider, to discuss how you can get far better accounting for far less money. 



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