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I knew I was starting a new era, in providing the best QuickBooks support when I began using GFI QuickBooks Support.

GFI is amazingly powerful, but so inexpensive that I cannot charge clients for it. It combines a GoToMyPC-type group program and extensive remote computer monitoring and automatic maintenence.

I had already provided the best QuickBooks support for 17 years, during which I was a real Intuit (QuickBooks) insider for 11 years. Intuit CEOs wrote this about me:

You’re fantastic Mike. Absolutely fantastic!

Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong!

Despite this, I realized that GFI would let me provide far better support than the best QuickBooks support we had been providing. What I did not expect was that the more we used GFI, to provide the best QuickBooks support, the more it would help us to provide the best QuickBooks support in ways never expected. I also did not expect the extent it would impress our clients.

I expected my new best Quickbooks support to provide:

  • Travel time savings.
  • Remote support (like GoToMyPC or Logmein).
  • Ridiculously fast and easy setup.
  • No need for client participation after setup.  
  • Time saving central console (one GoToAssist-like login for all clients).
  • Automatic hardware and software monitoring, 24/365.
  • Automatic Windows and program updates.
  • Much lower prices than competing products
    (try free, save 75% to 85%, too near free to bill).

Our new best QuickBooks support also lets us:

  • Provide Automatic QuickBooks Backups
  • Provide Automatic QuickBooks Reports.
  • Not rearrange schedules, for us or clients, for short remote visits.
  • Better supervise and use office staff.
  • Install, customize and upgrade programs.
  • Have Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor staff join remote sessions.
  • Demonstrate or teach QuickBooks and other programs.
  • Assign and cooperate on work.
  • Switch desktops viewed. 
  • Get help with simple parts of complex jobs.
  • Use spare computers or several computers at once.
  • Use office, home and client computers from anywhere.
  • Alternate use of expensive programs.
  • Service clients faster, more effectively and more often.
  • Not wait for QuickBooks backups, restores, rebuilds, etc.
  • Work from home or on vacation, at any hour. 

Automatic QuickBooks Backups:
Our best QuickBooks support now has automatic QuickBooks backups. There is a peculiarity in the initial setup of the free backup program we use. Once GFI let us quickly resolve this, we added automatic QuickBooks backups to our best QuickBooks support. Now you can save as many versions of your QuickBooks files as you like, to our CPA computers and a secure web server, each time you or one of your employees closes QuickBooks. These backups almost never delay you. You can even have free automatic QuickBooks backups between your home, office and laptop computers.  We can even recover deleted QuickBooks files for a week. This lets our best QuickBooks support provide total security, while you never having to manually transfer QuickBooks files. 

Automatic QuickBooks Reports:
Now that our best QuickBooks support always gives us your latest QuickBooks file, we can keep automatically emailing you a good selection of current QuickBooks reports. Our best QuickBooks support lets us customize this for the exact QuickBooks reports you want, on the exact dates, to the people you want, in PDF or Excel format. This best QuickBooks support gives you these reports from each of your QuickBooks files. It is even smart enough to let you decide if you want us to skip reports if there were no changes to a QuickBooks file.

Instant QuickBooks Support From Anywhere:
My follow-me local and 888 voice / fax lines recently woke me for a QuickBooks emergency. Instead of figuring out how to fit in travel and fixing time, I fixed the QuickBooks emergency from home in 15 minutes. We also got messages that 5 systems had expiring virus protection, but my tech fixed them from his home before I saw the messages. He also will install very effective, low cost and low overhead virus protection that will not expire (automatic updates).

Automatic QuickBooks Support:
Our best QuickBooks support includes (or avoids) QuickBooks updates (as appropriate). We also automatically select the fastest and easiest QuickBooks Preferences, fixing bad QuickBooks preferences, to speed your work.

Save Waiting Time:
My day also ended with an emergency. Oversized emailed QuickBooks invoices led to a long remote ProAdvisor support session. A staff person began it during rush hour while I did other work. He then helped me fix the 300m QuickBooks Enterprise file, with 4,600 fragments. It needed a long verify, portable backup, restore, verify again, rebuild and verify again. I could have traveled 1.5 hours and spent 3 hours mainly waiting for QuickBooks. Instead, the best QuickBooks client support took 30 minutes of our time. as we did other work, while glancing at progress on a spare computer.

We and our clients love our best QuickBooks support. Now you can have it, risk free.


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