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How would you like the best free payroll service, at the industries lowest price?

My writing and 40+ years of small and medium company experience made me an internationally famous QuickBooks expert. The linked article was the cover story of the September 2007 Accounting Technology magazine. Close friends included two Intuit CEOs, who quickly answered emails (even on Sunday), so I did not want to go beyond Intuit for payroll. However, QuickBooks desktop payroll soon went from $60, for a table you could use for years, to $295 a year. It would be much worse if, as CNET said, I was not mainly responsible for getting Intuit to charge for each QuickBooks payroll tax program, instead of for each separate QuickBooks company file. However, recent QuickBooks payroll increases ($295/year for one employee) made me spend countless hours, over several years, looking for the best inexpensive payroll service. Here is a recent related Google search (127,000 links) for the best free payroll service:

Simplepayroll515.00  2.003.0020.00
Patriot Software110.0024.0034.00
Top 10 ReviewsVaries25.00+

Servdex and TopTen have many detailed reviews.

You need the best payroll service, not a payroll program, to handle direct deposit of employee paychecks, plus automated e-file and pay of all federal and state tax returns. You also need an accuracy and timeliness guaranty, which you can only get from the best payroll service, to stop the many unjustified tax notices and penalties you get (they pay penalties for mistakes).

The best ratings go to Payroll Relief. They do not show up in many reviews because they sell only to accountants. However, you can use 10DollarPayroll to get PayrollRelief plus unequaled extra CPA support and ridiculously low prices. The extras include a willingness to accept data by email, phone and fax, in addition to the web interface. They even do returns manually if you miss e-File dates. I began using them more than a year ago and now have 25+ clients on this best payroll service. This volume gives me a total price of $11 a month and 50 cents a paycheck, for the best payroll service. That includes all the payroll returns that are extra with some other budget services.

You can now have this best payroll service for less than the $11 a month that I pay. To simplify this, I can bill you $30 a quarter, as I know my cost will go down as I add many new clients. Even better, you can pay nothing for the best free payroll service if you become my client.

I also do not bill clients for these free extras (per computer per month):

  • Unlimited Livedrive backup (normally $8).
  • GFI remote access and monitoring (normally $10 retail). This fully protects you and fixes many computer problems before you know you have them.
  • Help with Automatic Free Accounting from Yodlee. This is an outstanding way to get all of your daily account balances and transactions, while you increase accuracy and prevent fraud, without interfering with QuickBooks.

For the ultimate in QuickBooks support, you can have remote QuickBooks hosting at $25 to $40 per month. You then have the option of renting the latest version of QuickBooks Pro at $7.50 per month or QuickBooks Premier at $12.00 per month. This is FAR LESS than the cost of buying QuickBooks each year. However, even with all that, I suspect you will soon want the very inexpensive Xero Future of Accounting, so Contact the best QuickBooks CPA now.

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