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Hundreds of thousands are now finding the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to transfer and share QuickBooks files and other files. It is automatic free QuickBooks file sharing, for office, home, laptop and CPA. 

I have been using remote access since 1980. My 6 GoToMyPC accounts (at the price of two, mean we have no need for Logmein, WebEx, etc. I became a big QuickBooks web hosting booster about 6 years ago. Intuit managers and fellow ProSeries (TurboTax Pro) Advisory Council Members soon were very enthusiastic about my plan to bundle QuickBooks hosting with ProSeries (TurboTax Pro) or Lacerte tax.

Intuit spent 13+ years promoting third-party web hosting. It has now, incredibly, spent a a year forcing 0.5% of the industry to charge more ($18,000 per company, plus $5+ per user per month), It also has been trying to forced the other 99.5% of third-party hosting companies out of business. It is doing this with an outrageous QuickBooks Software License Agreement provision prohibiting shared computer use.

Never mind that this made almost every QuickBooks network or hosting user guilty of criminal copyright violations, though network users use QuickBooks software designed to help them do it. Never mind that this puts CPAs as risk of losing their licenses, even if Intuit does not bring charges. Never mind that this even makes every Intuit executive, who encouraged QuickBooks network or hosting use for 13+ years, guilty as a criminal co-conspirator. It also shreds Intuit claims that integrity without compromise is its #1 operating value. Of course, Intuit also admitted anti-trust violations that screwed employees. I guess that those who rate Intuit as a top place in which to work did not yet notice this admission or Intuit age discrimination.

A year after Intuit began its failed commercial hosting program, it added only two companies to its original three. Meanwhile, thanks to Intuit and Internal Revenue, remote Indian outsourcing companies apparently dropped much of $500+ million in QuickBooks, ProSeries and Lacerte outsourcing. Obama did not need to go to India to reverse this, and the Indian government was too polite to mention it when he did.

This sad story is now going to get far sadder, as many will soon join me in moving most QuickBooks hosting clients to the free (2g) automatic Dropbox. It is by far the fastest, easiest, most reliable and most economical way to avoid slower and more costly QuickBooks hosting. Everyone works on their own local (not networked) file. The QuickBooks and other files of each user automatically update the files of other users in batch mode, not by transmitting each keystroke and record change. This is perfect for the many that want to use QuickBooks and other files on their office, home and laptop computers, with occasional CPA use.

Two people cannot work on a Dropbox QuickBooks file at once. However, they can effectively do so if an experienced CPA first makes an Accountant Copy locally. This is far faster and easier than having a client create, restore and transmit an Accountant Copy. CPAs also can quickly avoid Accountant Copy limits by occasionally finding time to use their local copy of the main QuickBooks file. This is especially good for those using my very inexpensive QuickBooks bookkeepers ($6 an hour). They work “all night” when needed, as their time is 12 hours off from my eastern time.

You probably can even use Dropbox on your server, for remote users, when local hosted multi-users are not active. By the way, I should soon drop my GoToMyPC accounts for something costing half as much. This product includes 24/7 system monitoring, with email or cell phone alerts, plus disk optimizing, program updates and much more.

The saddest part of this is that it seems inevitable that there will soon be many more developments that further badly damage Intuit commercial hosting companies.

  • Intuit may decide to compete with the inflated prices and limited capital of the commercial hosting companies, as it expressly reserved the right to do so in its license agreement.
  • Intuit may deliberately or accidentally make public the extensive financial and operating information it requires from these companies, as it reserved the right to do this as well. This will kill all but the strongest hosting companies.
  • Intuit may raise commercial hosting license fees, based on this information, making the licensed commercial hosting companies even less competitive.
  • Intuit, Dropbox or a QuickBooks add-on company will offer a service that adds file and record locking to the current Dropbox batch updates. This will let remote users work on several different copies of QuickBooks files at once.For example, Method Integration has long let virtually unlimited users enter all types of data on the web, for automatic batch entry into QuickBooks. This is generally far faster, easier and less expensive that QuickBooks hosting, while avoiding the limits QuickBooks has on the number of users.


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