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How would you like to?

  • Save almost all of your accounting time and money.
  • Quickly check all your business and personal bank, credit card and loan account balances and transactions in one place.
  • Catch fraud or identity theft.
  • Have your accounting done every day, almost automatically.
  • Never send bank statements or program files to accountants.
  • Never wait on accountant changes.

This is now so ridiculously inexpensive and easy that is qualifies as automatic free accounting. It is perfect if you pay many expenses with a debit, credit card or e-pay. You may need to enter some check payees later. However, we can do that for less than $10 an hour, from the beginning of the year.

The only security issues are positive. You need never give out bank or financial institution logins. You simply give us (or Xero) bank names and locations. That lets Xero set up a bank-level secure session, with your bank website. You then enter your bank login directly on your bank website. If you succeed, the bank gives Xero an encrypted token. Xero employees and we cannot see this. However, it gives Xero read only access to your information.

Once you do that, you can quickly check all your business and personal bank, credit card and loan account balances and transactions in one place. Even someone with your Xero login cannot take your money. However, you can quickly see improper payments and deposits.

You need never again worry about fire, theft, natural disasters, war, user errors, employee mischief, computer failure, viruses, spyware, backups or complex programs. Redundant computers systems, in several remote locations, with top computer and accounting personnel, will insure that. Web and email support are free. CPA phone support is less than $10 an hour.

This is the most revolutionary accounting change since Quicken, in 1984. That is why it involves the fastest growing accounting product by far, though you probably never heard of it. Therefore, please see OMG! Xero is the future of accounting! It shows why we all should be very excited by this big time and money saver.

Click here to email me for an invitation, so you too can save time, money and aggravation with free automatic accounting. By the way, this free automatic accounting has a free three month trial, with free CPA support and no credit card needed. It then costs far less than QuickBooks Pro does ($10/month), so the automatic accounting is free. You can even get it free forever, with our CPA assistants, for less than $10 an hour.



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