AutoKept and its Talk Accounting Mastercard

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AutoKept and Talk Accounting Mastercard

Do you like AutoKept and its Talk Accounting Mastercard ? They use phone pics, talk and debit cards to get entries in QuickBooks Online or spreadsheets. I was an early sponsor, BUT now seem to have something much better.

KC Truby and AutoKept:

Autokept and its Talk Accounting Mastercard

Autokept and its Talk Accounting Mastercard

KC Truby ( developed AutoKept and its Talk Accounting Mastercard.  I have known him for 40 years. He sold tapes, manuals, seminars, franchises and QuickBooks processing. He also spoke to tens of thousands of business owners and accountants. One of his companies had a big bulk fax fine. Like many of his efforts, the new programs can help accountants get clients and clients get fast easy entries. Unfortunately, these programs often had delays and bugs. I am the only two-time pre-release QuickBooks Top Tester award winner, with years of pre-release tests. Therefore, I knew errors and delays were common in new releases. However, these errors were in programs that were supposed to be client ready.

QuickBooks and AutoKept:

It bothered me that AutoKept and its Talk Accounting Mastercard were not in the QuickBooks App Store. My long association with Intuit – QuickBooks CEOs had one write, “You’re fantastic Mike! Absolutely fantastic!” Similar comments are here. This made me go from Florida to California, to try to get the new programs in the App Store. However, a top Intuit development leader said they did not use the required QuickBooks API.


An API specifies how components interact, with graphical user and other building blocks. It increases security and accuracy and avoids crashes when menus change. QuickBooks seemed to slow development about 8 years ago, so I was soon #1 in U.S. Xero clients. A limited Xero API made me spend $10,000+ developing a keyboard-macro program. It quickly approved entries, for any or all bank and credit card accounts. It could even do this for any or all clients at the same time. I also had a receivable and payable option. It later copied bank and credit card Rules to Excel. This let us quickly kill duplicates, fix errors, add Rules and copy them to other clients. That is important with my hundreds of  Rules, as well as being important to AutoKept and its Talk Accounting Mastercard .

Unfortunately, Xero did not develop its API and made needless menu changes, so I soon returned to QuickBooks. I now saw why AutoKept had non-API related delays and errors. This will cause future errors and limit development and support. That made me end AutoKept support. I now use something that seems far better and cheaper than these programs, with the QuickBooks API. However, before I go forward wholesale, “Do you like AutoKept and its Talk Accounting Mastercard ?”

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