Amazing QuickBooks Endorsements

Amazing QuickBooks Endorsements

I was on the first QuickBooks Advisory Council, but we got a payroll fee increase. Fighting it led to amazing QuickBooks endorsements. Brian Livingston wrote about it in CNET. Intuit products “phone home” more often than you may like. Note is tag line,

This major victory for consumers of Intuit’s financial products was almost certainly caused by a gigantic hue and cry in the Internet discussion group known as “biz.comp.accounting.” Block, the owner of a Florida tax consultancy, BlockTax (no relation to H&R Block), is the moderator of the discussion group and led the battle against the new fees.

Brian Livingston CNET, Rich Walker, QuickBooks endorsements

Brian Livingston CNETBrian Livingston - Will Software Companies...

Steve Bennett, Amazing Endorsements 2

My successful fight against a payroll fee increase cost Intuit $20 to $40 million. I thought Steve Bennett, Intuit CEO, would drop me from the Advisory Council. He shocked me with next of my amazing QuickBooks endorsements.

Your feedback and insight are more important than what I think… Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong.

Steve Bennett, former Intuit CEO, QuickBooks endorsements

Steve Bennett, former Intuit CEO

Brad Smith, Endorsements 3

A new Intuit hire wrote one of my amazing QuickBooks endorsements. The then Intuit CEO him told to contact me before starting work, which was amazing by itself. Here is part of what he wrote.

My name is Brad Smith, and I have recently joined Intuit working with Rich Walker and other key impact players across Intuit to strengthen our advocacy and commitment to the accounting profession and its many professionals. I am reaching out to you by way of this e-mail in hopes that we can schedule a 30-minute call to make introductions and briefly discuss ideas and key areas of focus. I understand that this is the busiest time of year, but have also been told by many Intuit executives such as Rich, Tom Allanson and others that you have been quite open to taking the time to assist Intuit, are a tremendous voice of reason and are one of our most impactful and innovative Professional Advisors.

Brad Smith, Intuit CEO, QuickBooks endorsements

Brad Smith, Intuit CEO

Amazing QB Endorsements 4 – Scott Cook, Intuit Founder

New Intuit hire Brad Smith asked what was the #1 thing that I wanted from Intuit. It was a website for new QuickBooks features. It would let Intuit recognize posters of these features when it used them. Brad soon called back about the next of my amazing QuickBooks endorsements.  This time there were three Intuit people on the call. Brad said that Scott Cook, Intuit founder, had already called a top Intuit management meeting about my website idea. He said this the meeting.

I want a system that lets us recognize new feature posters, even if it takes years to implement their ideas.

Scott Cook, Intuit founder, amazing QuickBooks endorsements

Scott Cook, Intuit founder

Amazing QB Endorsements 5

Scott Wilder was a QuickBooks Community Group Manager and Ask the Expert creator. He added to my amazing QuickBooks endorsements with this (punctuation deliberately his).

Thank you Mike!!!!! Great job, can we clone you??? THANKS so much for being a stellar expert. You were awesome. You are the only expert that answered ALL questions. We took your advice and will add your error page. We will use your other web content later.

Scott Wilder, former QuickBooks Community Group Manager, QuickBooks endorsements

Scott Wilder, former QuickBooks Community Group Manager

Amazing QB Endorsements 6

Rich Walker, former Intuit Director, Accountant & Advisor Relations put me on two Customer Advisory Councils. My now outdated QuickBooks add-ons site got 14,000+ add-ons (apps), while Intuit had less than 300. Rich then added to my amazing QuickBooks endorsements with this:

That’s terrific! What a milestone!

Rich Walker, former Intuit Director, Rich Walker, QuickBooks endorsements

Rich Walker, former Intuit Director

Amazing QB Endorsements 7

Brad Smith added the favorite of all my amazing QuickBooks endorsements. I once told him he would be the next Intuit CEO (he fulfilled my rare prophecy in two years). He later wrote this.

You’re fantastic Mike! Absolutely fantastic!

Brad Smith, Intuit Executive Chair, QuickBooks endorsements

Brad Smith, Intuit Executive Chair

Amazing QB Endorsements 8

I met Sasan Goodzari, the great new Intuit CEO, when he ran Intuit’s tax division. He put me on a ProSeries Customer Advisory Council. He then impressed me by participating in all Council sessions, with many top Intuit tax leaders. Sasan also indirectly added to my amazing QuickBooks endorsements by helping me get the September 2007 cover of Accounting Technology magazine (Secrets of Outsourcing). Here is part of the story, the cover and a picture of Sasan.

When one of Mike Block’s largest 1040 clients walk Sasan;ed through his door on April 8, expecting to have his personal and corporate returns completed for tax season, the CPA didn’t exactly sleep. He stayed at the office until 2 a.m. scanning in documents, some in the wrong direction, then messaged his crew in India to do what they could to piece them together and to send him PDFs of the tax return. By 10:30 that morning, the job was complete. “That’s when I realized there was just no substituting the fact that it could be done overnight, when I was already dead and could barely scan, [let alone] calculate anything,” Block says. “A chartered accountant prepared my most complex tax return 70 percent faster than expected, with 80 percent fewer errors, while I slept. Having [up] to 10 assistants help my clients and I, any day or night, on short notice, is priceless.”

Secrets of OutSourcing

Secrets of OutSourcing, Accounting Technology magazine, Michael Block CPA


Sasan Goodarzi, Intuit CEO

Sasan Goodarzi, Intuit CEO

MY FAVORITE Brad Smith Amazing QuickBooks Endorsement 9

This relates to how the great Brad Smith treated me, from his arrival at Intuit (3 and 7 above). Brad got a user new request feedback site created for me. He quickly answered many emails, apologizing for travel delays. This let Intuit people or me help many more users. We specialized in those unhappy users. One wanted Quicken on a home and office computer, when only QuickBooks and TurboTax allowed it. Brad solved that with free copies.

It first seemed Intuit might be actively hostile to add-ons, to avoid competition with future extensions. However, a developer created an add-on for state tax reports before Intuit had them. I pushed Brad and QuickBooks to support add-ons (apps), partly by once taking over a pre-release test forum to ask what users would pay for a QuickBooks developer version. The answer was $500 to $2,000. A FREE Intuit add-on interface got 25,000 downloads in a day. My add-ons push and initial popular (now outdated) QuickBooks-add-ons site made me well known to many developers.

Helping a Developer

A week before one Christmas, the tax report developer wrote that QuickBooks update killed his program, due to embedded blanks. This would kill his business, as tax programs must work by January 1. The deadline was impossible (it often took two years for Intuit to use great ideas). Software companies also often stop most activity during extended holiday seasons. Despite this, I wrote Brad.

There will be a Black Christmas this year in (developer city). It will be a Black Christmas when QuickBooks changes kill a small developer. Intuit may have every reason to kill him and his state payroll report app. However, he helped QuickBooks before it had this. Now it will get some more payroll sales dollars, but I do not think Intuit meant this. It is urgent that you help before January 1, as delays will kill the company. Please contact…

The develope had a revised QuickBooks in THREE DAYS! Intuit released a public version in TWO MORE DAYS.

Only the developer said nice things about me, but this is my favorite amazing QuickBooks endorsements of the amazing Brad Smith and our relationship.

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