Alaskan Hummingbirds Video

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I hope you enjoy this Alaskan hummingbirds video. 

I never saw hummingbirds hand fed, as shown in this Taming the Alaskan Hummingbirds video. The quality of this Alaskan hummingbirds video is outstanding. However, the related YouTube comments suggest that this quality will soon be common.

This Alaskan hummingbirds video comment also mentions these amazing birds in south Florida, so they must come almost everywhere:

My mothers friend made a vest with clear plastic pockets.
She inserts test tubes 
full of red nectar and then takes her
flock for slow walks around the neighborhood. 
She visits the
elderly folks, giving them a daily smile. This is in south
On a good day, up to 55 birds follow her.

The friend who sent this said they are due here about the second week in May. Our many Butterfly World hummingbirds cannot spoil us for the wild hummingbirds.


Of course, it is really hard to work when visitors like these are within five feet.


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