Al Gore’s Unified Smart Grid, Ultimate Web 2.0 Collaboration

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This goes beyond my usual Intuit QuickBooks topics to discuss “Al Gore’s” Unified Smart Grid, the Ultimate Web 2.0 Collaboration. Oliver Marks is a hard working ZDNet writer and a consultant on ‘Enterprise 2.0’ strategy and tactics. His Collaboration 2.0 blog November 8 articles:

 Al Gore’s ‘Unified Smart Grid’ vision for repowering the USA

The Business Resource Planning Farm League

The recent Web 2.0 Summit conference Oliver attended had big-picture ideas, with Al Gore describing a Unified Smart Grid for national electrical power and the Ultimate Web 2.0 Collaboration. Based on public TV shows I saw a while ago, with university research and industry presentations, the ultimate Web 2.0 Collaboration Unified Smart Grid is already becoming reality. Utilities have long adjusted production to use low-cost sources, but will soon automate this and use “Al Gore’s” Unified Smart Grid, the Ultimate Web 2.0 Collaboration, to do it nationally. This will include overproduction from end-user solar systems.

Smart appliances will adjust air conditioner temperatures, defrost refrigerators, and recharge electric car batteries and more, based on user options and Unified Smart Grid signals. Almost all electric failure is local, so the Unified Smart Grid will instantly diagnose, it, localize it and send fast repair data. Pre-wired hollow composite poles will let two men install them into the Unified Smart Grid. “Al Gore’s” Unified Smart Grid should be profitable but need big costs, as utilities go from 30 – 40-year components to 7-year computer systems. Getting government subsidies for the Unified Smart Grid is, I suspect, where Al Gore comes in. So we will all use web 2.0 collaboration, to create and consume all electricity. That is why I call this the Ultimate Web 2.0 Collaboration. However, this should be one subsidy that is a big factor in reviving our economy.


Now if this is not exciting enough, Oliver’s The Business Resource Planning Farm League article is even more exciting for QuickBooks users, especially as he cites two of my articles:


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