Accounting Professionals Dream: QuickBooks Online Accountant Toolbox for QuickBooks Online

We now have an accounting professionals dream: a QuickBooks Online Accountant Toolbox for QuickBooks Online.

EVERYONE should get the FREE QuickBooks Online Accountant. It comes with the QuickBooks Online Toolbox for QuickBooks Online (QBO). Here are some reasons why you should NEVER USE QuickBooks Online without QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA).

QBOA can have a desktop icon, so you do not need a user or password login to it or to all your QuickBooks Online companies. My separate post will discuss why QBOA runs QBO much faster and more securely, with critical extra features. One feature is the QBOA Online Accountant Toolbox for QBO. Click the gear icon in any QBO file STARTED FROM QBOA. It will give you QBOA Toolbox with many more tools than you have in QB desktop. These tools include:
  1. Trial Balance: designed by accountants (as in desktop, but handier).
  2. Reclassify Transactions: review (by account, in any order), change many entries at once (as in QB desktop). Professional accountants not using this often waste time and miss hundreds of bookkeeping mistakes).
  3. Voided/Deleted report: shortcut to audit log (timesaver, later changes to reconciled bank or credit card entries can be hard to find, but see my coming New QuickBooks Online Backup post for real-time notices when it happens to all QBO files).
  4. Write Off Invoices: remove invoices from sub-ledgers and reverse revenue amounts (QBOA/QBO exclusive).
  5. Journal Entries: reclassify amounts between accounts.(as in desktop, but handier).
  6. Close Books: dates warn users not to change/add earlier entries (as in desktop, but handier).
  7. Reconcile: Reconciliation history and reports screen(as in desktop, but handier),
  8. Management Reports: customize templates, create introductory pages, choose report options, add personalized endnotes, make other additions, save and share with clients (go far beyond desktop).
  9. Custom Reports: reports you customized (as in desktop, but handier).
  10. Report Tool: set a date range for the period in which you will work (as in desktop, but handier).
  11. Chart of Accounts: go directly to your client chart of accounts (as in desktop, but handier).
  12. New Window: duplicate open screen in a new tab, go to other screens, keep this screen open(QBOA/QBO exclusive).
  13. ProConnect Tax: QBO link to integrated pro tax software (handy).


Here is a video on the QuickBooks Online Accountant Toolbox.
There are more QuickBooks Online Accountant details here.

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