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Google cannot find the “Accountant App Program ending.” It also does not find “Accountant App Program and Slack integration ending“. This mystery applies whether or not you add QuickBooks.

Google cannot even find QuickBooks “Accountant app program.” Quotes make Google find the exact terms (except for any ads). However, QuickBooks Online Accountant managers sent an “Accountant App Program and Slack integration ending” email on August 12, 2019. They still did not web post anything on this very important subject. It should be especially important to many QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

AAP ended that very day! Slack integration ends on September 20 (my terrible birthday present). I do not understand how Google and Intuit scrapped the quoted words so quickly and completely.

QuickBooks Accountant App Program

The QuickBooks Accountant App Program lets QuickBooks Online Accountant users quickly integrate apps (programs) with client QuickBooks programs. Many of these programs gave us 20% discounts. Yes, some AAP integration Programs were very questionable. For example, AutoEntry App users could convert 100 scans a month for $18 (20% less). However, they could not convert more scans and lost unused credits. My clients and I are much happier sharing volume discounted AE credits. Avoiding the Intuit bargain, in this area, lets me quickly and easily add credits and not waste them. It also lets me carry over unused credits.

Google has 4 million links for QuickBooks Accountant App Program. That is amazing considering what Intuit plans to drop in only 18 months.  By contrast, for example, Google has only around these many links for:

  • 3.5 million for QuickBooks Advanced inventory.
  • 1.8 million for Quickbooks Premier 2019.
  • 700.000 for Quickbooks assisted payroll.

The future?

Might Intuit drop any or all of these, or other programs or services, with ZERO (not Xero) warning? This decision may well make many of the most committed QuickBooks Advisors to lose all of the time they spent learning and testing related apps. We also will lose the substantial work we did try to sell such apps, based on discounts. What might this say about what Intuit may do soon, in terms of dropping other programs, services or features? This may be critical to many old and new QuickBooks Advisors and users. Intuit already dropped Quicken, with more than 10 million users. It also said it dropped a QuickBooks Desktop feature, to get users to switch to QuickBooks Online even faster. I understand that Intuit is even considering dropping the QuickBooks Desktop backup program!

QuickBooks Slack integration

Slack automates client and team collaboration. That includes contacts, emails, staff notes, tasks, delegation and much more. Reports are by client, staff or date. This brand new upgrade was very important, especially for CPAs, compared to expensive special-purpose software. We may now lose the very big Slack benefit from seeing what we did last year. However, the QuickBooks Accountant App Program and Slack integration ending email end this integration as well.

Google has 87 million links to Slack, including 37 million for Slack integration. The much older QuickBooks has only 34 million links. Therefore, Slack can painlessly bridge QuickBooks to countless apps. Many of them will never integrate with QuickBooks. Slack also is free for 5 users.

This is a massive step back for Intuit, at a time when arch-rival Xero is adding new integrations far faster than QuickBooks. Computer systems also are rapidly becoming more integrated, so this “Accountant App Program and Slack integration ending” email may well lead to the end of Intuit dominance.


I extensively argued for QuickBooks apps when some app developers said Intuit was almost openly hostile to them. Others felt Intuit wanted to own anything that could connect to QuickBooks. I spoke and wrote about this often, to former Intuit CEO Steve Bennett, new arrival Brad Smith and many others. Brad succeeded Steve as CEO (as I predicted about three years before it happened). Many of my 10,000+ newsgroup and forum posts discussed apps. I even took over a QuickBooks beta test forum to ask who wanted QuickBooks connected to a database. The follow up question was what would you pay for it. The answer was up to $2,000 per user. This did not stop me from getting the only second QuickBooks #1 Top Tester award. That actually made me again visit Intuit and push QuickBooks apps even more.

After 2 years of development, Intuit had a national conference. The conference came with a new FREE QuickBooks Application Programming Interface (API). There were 25,000 downloads of this API on day one alone. For a long time it became Intuit’s new #1 corporate priority. I later joined the first QuickBooks ProAdvisor Customer Advisory Council. A key issue was how often QuickBooks users upgraded. Intuit told us that those using add-ons (now apps) upgraded more than twice as fast as those with no integrated apps. I even created the now obsolete QuickBooks-add-ons website. For a while, this site had far more web traffic than the comparable Intuit website.

Conclusion and Help Wanted

All this led directly to continuous QuickBooks Online upgrades and conferences called QuickBooks Connect. Under these circumstances, I do not see how Intuit can justify doing anything like what it indicated in its Accountant App Program and Slack integration are ending email. My next post will have the full text of this email. It also will have my email to Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi <> and his fast reply.

Please add your voice to mine.

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