A very inexpensive solution for terrible paper and Excel accounting

IRS gets around 45 million business returns (including 1040 Schedule C and F) a year. About 25 million use accounting programs, so 20 million seem to be from paper or Excel accounting. This is terrible because of the time you, as a business owner (or your wife), may spend. IRS says this is often more than 60 hours a year, but I suspect it averages much more. It also is terrible because small business owners tend not to be accountants. Their records are very error-prone, since few reconcile totals to banks and credit cards.

Here is a very inexpensive solution for this terrible paper and Excel accounting. You need not buy or learn accounting programs or bank reconciliations. We quickly and securely import all your bank and credit card entries, for up to two prior years. We automatically assign entries to accounts, with our many flexible standard rules. We review totals with you and make changes, faster, more professionally and for far less than you can do it yourself.

This can cost as little as $400 for each prior YEAR and $300 in later years (plus a low price for any tax returns you want), so please contact us now!