TurboTax Sales Confirm the Dismal Future for QuickBooks Desktop

New TurboTax federal unit sales confirm the dismal future for QuickBooks Desktop.

As the table below shows, last year (through April 22), TurboTax Desktop had 15.85% of combined TurboTax Desktop and TurboTax Online unit sales. TurboTax Desktop unit sales then dropped 5% for the tax season through April 21, 2018. At the same time, TurboTax Online unit sales increased 6%, so TurboTax Desktop is now down to 14.44% of combined TurboTax Desktop and TurboTax Online unit sales.
I predict that this TurboTax difference will only increase as time goes on. Remember, Brad Smith (Intuit CEO) told me, about 6 years ago, that he was moving 75% to 80% of development money to online products. The QuickBooks Online difference is far more dramatic, as QuickBooks Online grew 51% to 56% a year during the last three years, while QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier and Enterprise combined sales and rentals) fell slightly. The best hope Desktop hope would be to have the same type of client server shell for it in QuickBooks Online Accountant that Accountant already has for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self Employed. This lets them run far faster and more securely. It also lets them keep running when internet connections go down. To the contrary, QuickBooks Desktop programs crash when there is the most minor network or internet interruption.
Season-to-date TurboTax Federal Unit Data
  Season through Season through Change
21-Apr-18 22-Apr-17 Year-Over-Year
TurboTax Desktop 5,030,000 5,295,000 -5%
TurboTax Online 29,814,000 28,113,000 6%
Sub-total 34,844,000 33,408,000 4%
Free File Alliance 1,169,000 1,206,000 -3%
Total 36,013,000 34,614,000 4%

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