Kids: Terrific Tax Season Diversion

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Kids are a terric tax season diversion.

Our first two kids were relatively normal, whatever that is. They each had two kids, who also were generally normal. We recently got 12 more kids, who are normal in a very different way. Here is why these kids are a terrific tax season diversion.

When these are not jumping on everything possible, they run many 100 yard dashes around their enclosure. We thought we had our first single birth two days ago (four had twins). The mother cried all night after being moved, with her kid, to other mothers and kids. The next day Gary Koen, my terrific son-in-law – farmer found the missing kid in a shallow sinkhole. The crying stopped quickly.

Meanwhile, we bought two new baby kids of a different type. Now we bottle feed several times a day, whether they want it or not. Stay tuned for pictures of these new kids being fed, while trying to spend nights in Gary’s house. (BTW: kid = baby goat)

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