FANTASTIC Legends Show, Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, Live Oak, Florida

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We recently went to a fantastic “Legends Show”, at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, in Live Oak, Florida.

We (my terrific wife Joann and I) spent all our lives in big cities. 44 happy years were in one Fort Lauderdale house, less than a mile from an upscale theater and about three miles from the beach, parks, and countless restaurants of many nations. Great entertainment, good fishing and unlimited activities were not much further.

That is why many friends ask if we miss big city life. We always say we are much happier in Live Oak, Florida. We certainly miss seeing friends and relatives as often, but phone calls, video calls and occasional personal visits keep us close. We also expect more visits here, now that my daughter and son-in-law’s 28 acre farm is becoming an entertainment attraction. They have 25+ goats (12 baby kids), chickens (far better than supermarket chicken and more eggs than we can use), geese (with a community nest), noisy Peacocks and guineas, cows, dogs and cats. They are all great to watch.

Live Oak (about 18 minutes away) is the county seat, with a population of only 6,000. However, the surrounding area lets it have a Walmart, Lowes, Winn Dixie, Publix, many restaurants, many doctors a hospital and much more. It also has people that are consistently far friendlier than most we met in cities. Besides, my terrific son-in-law, Gary Koen, is probably the best local cook.

The Fort Lauderdale area often had me wildly upset with traffic and unlimited tax and spend government. There is almost no Live Oak traffic, so we say that a three cars at a light is a traffic jam.

We were extremely happy with how quickly we updated our driver’s licenses, property taxes (a licence instead), vehicle tags, and voter IDs. Everything took less than 30 minutes, on the ground floor of adjoining Live Oak buildings, with almost no wait. This included friendly personal explanations by some clerks and the elected Tax Collector. That is how government should be, but we never saw it before.

Surprisingly, we also especially like the local entertainment. It takes only a bit more time than it did to go to a movie, with plenty of safe free parking. We almost never went to the Fort Lauderdale theater ($60+ a ticket; plus high soda, wine and snack prices; plus valet or parking charges). Nearby theaters now have plays, Elvis shows and Karaoke, for nothing to $11 a ticket so we go often. I never saw Elvis Presley live, or saw an Elvis tribute show, until we went to a local cafe. We also have a FANTASTIC two-night, 11 performer, frequent Legends Shows (see picture below; performers dress and act like the famous performers represented, while singing their songs). Part of what makes both places great is the food and the management, as I saw at my first show. A recent bottle of beer, plus quickly refilled pitchers of diet coke (three people), was $5 total! Very large portions of seafood, chicken, Philly cheese steak, quesadillas and many other items, with fries and sides, were about $10.

Performers sing requested songs and interact with the audience. One had a son, of around age 10, who was a terric copier. To me, the best part (at both places) was a manager, constantly walking around and interacting with each guest and waitress, to be sure that everyone is happy. Even better was what happened with an elderly man, with an oxygen tank and an aide, alone at a table. Half way through his family arrived for his 90th birthday. We all clapped and sang Happy Birthday.

This is from the most recent show, at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, which hosts many well-attended concerts (you may need to click the image below to make it come up).

Legends Show, Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, Live Oak, Florida

Legends Show, Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, Live Oak, Florida

All this, and much more, means that we enjoy ourselves far more in Live Oak than we did in any city.

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