Best QuickBooks Desktop & QuickBooks Online Comparison

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Here is the Best QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Comparison.

It comes from a top QuickBooks employee. You do not get a few inadequate questions, before getting a wrong answer. It simply specifies 153 very important differences between the 9 QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online versions. It even lets you total many fields at once. This makes it very easy for you, or for any experienced QuickBooks Pro Advisor, to decide on your perfect QuickBooks.

It might seem surprising that the new version makes room for QuickBooks Self Employed and QuickBooks Online Accountant, but drops QuickBooks Online Essentials. That is, it might seem surprising if a new Intuit earnings report (through January 31, 2018) did not say that QuickBooks Self Employed grew from 180,000 users to 490,000 users in ONE YEAR!

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