Brain-Dead Xero Machine Learning will persist, culture denies problems instead of fixing them. Part 2 of 5

Brain-Dead Xero Machine Learning will persist,Xero culture denies problems, instead of fixing them.

Xero answered thousands of very overdue user feature requests posts by saying its Xero responses were the Best User Response. Many feature requests also were for rather simple changes, requested in around 500 posts each, by almost all of those posting. Xero even hides user posts.

The delays, misstatements, and hiding caused increasingly strident criticism. Xero finally retroactively dropped dates in feature request posts. The only good reason for this was to hide the long delays and forum misstatements, which were increasingly upsetting users about Xero misdirected, slow and incompetent programmers and Xero forum acts. A new near unanimous protest included Xero Partner Paul Smith saying, “Slippery slope when this happens,”

Tim S, Community Manager, then threatened to ban Paul for comparing how the team evaluates ideas to Holocaust denial, which Paul did not do. After looking up Wikipedia on historical negationism (illegitimate distortion of the historical record), I got banned for most respectfully saying, “I am not accusing Xero people of acting like Nazis or Holocaust deniers. However, having Xero drop dates, so we do not see how long very popular requests are open, seems comparable to Nazi revisionist history.” The ban came despite an appeal to Xero CEO Rod Smith. Rod previously said he wanted open discussions. He also previously and repeatedly linked my QuickBooks Blog and later Tweeted, “Stoked to finally meet our angriest fan @MikeBlockCPA, who often SENDS ME EMAILS IN CAPS. Hi Mike” (with our picture).

It was just as well that Xero banned me from its forums. I was very upset by Xero misrepresentations, Brain-Dead Xero Machine Learning and its programmer misdirection, incompetency and long delays. We will soon convert or drop our last two Xero clients.

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