More and Less Important Xero Upgrades

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I was the first Xero user to vote for and comment on an Invoice Docx Preview Feature Request. I said Definitely!

I also, however, very much appreciate that Xero is working hard on many things. It has major problems in trying to decide what to do next, though it devotes a far larger share of revenue to development than Intuit does. Therefore, I most respectfully suggest that the links below could make users much more appreciate Xero’s problems. They arrange the more than 1.900 Xero Business Feature Requests, by votes and replies.

I strongly believe Xero should act according to votes, but that leaves this 34 vote Request in about a 10-way tie for 100th place. Many high ranking items also have been around for two or more years. During my 10 years as a Intuit (QuickBooks, Quicken and TurboTax) insider (see, many fellow insiders said that the best suggestions took more than two years to implement. Therefore,we all must consider these more and less important Xero upgrades.

I only use Xero because it seems to generally do far better than Intuit, especially for CPAs and our clients. I also feel Intuit badly needs competition. Few will be sorry if they try Xero and us.


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