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This 8 month old Linlkedin Xero vs QuickBooks Online post is still drawing comments:

Has anyone made a chart or some sort of comparison on Xero vs QuickBooks Online Recently?

There are now 45 comments, that took the discussion far off topic. Here are some of mine.

Mike Block QuickBooks Xero CPA • Hi Robert: You cannot kill spam before publication without a moderator reviewing comments before publication. I did that for a QuickBooks newsgroup group for several years. It was time consuming and occasionally created disagreements between me and some very profane posters. You rarely need this if many of us “Flag as Inappropriate” as soon as we see spam posts. 8 months ago

Mike Block QuickBooks Xero CPA • Hi Michelle: I have no Mac experience that would let me disagree. However, I found this in the Xero helphttps://help.xero.com/us/#GettingStarted_Install . It says you can use Xero with a Mac, running the normal Mac browser. This link also mentions that the Mac beta for QuickBooks Online became available in 2009, so I did not look for an updatehttp://community.intuit.com/posts/quickbooks-online-for-mac 7 months ago

Mike Block QuickBooks Xero CPA • Hi Michelle: Thank you for the thank you, but r-e-e-e-lax! I too am dedicated to Xero, but will use QuickBooks Online for my most stubborn QuickBooks desktop clients. Xero and QBO both let me use my very inexpensive international CPAs and bookkeepers. They also both now have automatic nightly bank and credit card downloads. As long as I do not have to personally spend too much time in QBO, I am OK. Some now use my short QBO review. I would rather spend an hour with a dentist in my mouth, than an hour in QBO.

I have many more years of making many mistakes than almost anyone here, so my mistakes must greatly outnumber everyone else’s mistakes. Fortunately, I still seem to learn from my mistakes faster than I can forget things (but, it is getting close).

I also am not sure my wife agrees with this, but fortunately, she forgets too :):):) 7 months ago

Mike Block QuickBooks Xero CPA • Hi Sergiy Kyrylkov • Are you saying QBO global has a different API than QBO U.S. and that you cannot use the QBO U.S. API with QBO global?

If so, this is even more Intuit QuickBooks API fracturing. That is one reason why one of the best QuickBooks .add-on vendors wrote Demise of the Third Party QuickBooks Add-on Developer. It also is why QuickBooks lost about 70% of probable add-on web links in 21 months.

Hi Pearce Aurigemma: I hope you were messaging a different Mike. I said long ago that Xero worked with Mac, Linux and PC, as long as you had a compatible browser. I also said this about Mac, Linux and PC in 2005, after doing this with QuickBooks desktop running under a remote Microsoft (Terminal) Server.

Heck, you may run an old QuickBooks (or a new one without backup or restore), under Microsoft Server, using a 512m Raspberry Pi (about the size of a cigarette pack). Needless to say, as you can run Xero on smartphones it should be a piece of CAKE to run Xero on the Pi 🙂 5 days ago

Mike Block QuickBooks Xero CPA • Doug Sleeter has Greg Lam’s 15 part series comparing cloud accounting applications. It is fantastic. 2 days ago

Mike Block QuickBooks Xero CPA • We like Vend for inventory and POS with Xero, but contact me for multiple sales tax rates or to vastly automate Xero. A few 0CPAs clicks can Save All entries assigned to accounts, for any or all accounts and clients. You can export rules to Excel, to help you quickly find and fix rule errors. Then use supersets of Excel rules to write new rules in any client. Finally, avoid looking at repeating entries repeatedly, so you create rules faster. We are doing more quickly, starting with creating a master list of payees and accounts, so you can automate corrections to imports like check 501, check 502, etc. What else in Xero do you want automated?

QuickBooks desktop, a dying program, lost 17% of users. QuickBooks also lost 70% of add-on links in 21 months. A top developer wrote Demise of the Third Part QuickBooks Developer. I prefer getting my teeth drilled to using QuickBooks Online. It only got 75% of users lost by QB desktop. Xero started much later, but is growing far faster. It will have many more add-ons than all versions of QB this year and many more users than QBO in two years. 9 minutes ago

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