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Please watch this outstanding video on Xero, the fastest and easiest accounting software. Then consider that you need not learn ANYTHING about Xero or QuickBooks Online. Closely supervised CPA and bookeeping experts can use either program to do ALL your accounting and reports for as little as $39 a month, INCLUDING the cost of either program. We can add automatic payroll and 1099s for as little as $17 a month and $1 a month. A $25 basic setup is FREE with an annual agreement, We even offer a FREE three month trial with no credit card.

Unless you like working for nothing, you cannot come close to this.

Xero – Beautiful accounting software for small business

We have been QuickBooks and Quicken experts since inception and Xero experts for 18 months. We had more U.S. Xero clients than anyone, but much larger firms now use Xero.

QuickBooks Online and Xero are among the very few full-featured programs that now automatically import all bank and credit card entries nightly. This is incredibly faster, easier, more accurate and safer than using QuickBooks desktop. That is why more than 50 million of us use some type of program that does this. It also is why I wrote 15 Reasons Why QuickBooks Desktop is the Worst Place for Your Data, though I was a real QuickBooks insider for 11 years. 

After all, there have to be some very good reasons why QuickBooks Desktop has lost about 10% of its users in recent years, while Xero is growing by more than 100% a year. 

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