Top QuickBooks Expert Quits QuickBooks

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I have long been a top QuickBooks expert. I had to be good to have a very long-term close personal relationship with two Intuit (QuickBooks) CEOs and their top assistants. Here are some things they said about me:

Intuit CEO Brad Smith:

        You’re fantastic Mike. Absolutely fantastic!

Former CEO Steve Bennett:

  • (now CEO of much bigger Symantec)
  • Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong!

I still spend much of my time helping QuickBooks clients. However, this top QuickBooks expert quits QuickBooks for himself. Why should I pay someone to keep my books when automatic accounting did this far better, for nothing. That is, automatic accounting is far more accurate and current. That is why I say that this top QuickBooks expert quits QuickBooks, while pushing to set up automatic accounting for old and new clients, at least as a supplement. I guarantee minimum savings of 33%+ on business accounting, so why say no?

I have yet to hear of one good reason for saying no to automatic accounting. Every suggested reason for delaying relates to misunderstanding, while it reinforces the need for immediate action.

I will set up your free automatic accounting for only $1 a month. Cancel anytime. 50 million users can’t be wrong. Yes, there are 10+ times more automatic accounting users as there are QuickBooks desktop users. The number of automatic accounting users are nearly double every year, while the number of QuickBooks desktop users keep shrinking, so why should you be the last one to get automatic accounting benefits. 


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