QuickBooks Desktop – an Also-Ran

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A few years ago, QuickBooks desktop again destroyed Microsoft competition. It had 95% of the small business accounting program market, with about 5 million users. Quicken has a similar market share, with 14 million users. QuickBooks Online and Quicken Online were the dominant programs in their areas, though they had many fewer users.

Today, however, QuickBooks desktop is an also-ran. We keep hearing that Intuit is gradually growing QuickBooks revenue, but ignore how much of the modest gains relate to higher prices. It now seems that QuickBooks desktop has around 500,000 FEWER users. Quicken Online is gone and other companies are way ahead of Intuit in online automatic accounting. Intuit paid $170 million for Mint, but here is the recent lineup:

  • 35 million users on 4/17/12 – Yodlee             
  • 10+ million users in 7/12 – Mint
  • 6 million users – Zoho 9/12
  • 300,000+ users on 11/17/11 – QuickBooks Online
  • 100,000 users on 7/26/12 – Xero

That means there are more than 51 million online automatic accounting program users. (11 times as many online automatic accounting program users as there are QuickBooks desktop users). That makes QuickBooks desktop an also-ran.

So please contactplease contact a QuickBooks expert who is a top Yodlee user and #3 in terms of the number of U.S. Xero clients.


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