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I MAY soon dump TypePad (with which I blog). You MIGHT dump TypePad too, because:

  1. Cost – TypePad costs me $12 a month, after my Intuit (QuickBooks discount). WordPad is free.
  2. TypePad makes me fix my Facebook link almost every day. Support admits they cannot fix this.
  3. TypePad cannot publish an RSS feed, which would let me automatically publish selected other sources.
  4. WorPad is very slightly better rated by TopTenReviews
  5. Typepad can only use a sepate domaiin if  it is the exclusive user.
  6. Wordpad lets you have your blog anywhere in a web site or page
  7. Wordpad offers ridiculously better customizing and add-on programs.

I got a very fast and impressive response from Typepad after writing the above. I published this Comment as is, but will soon Reply.



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  1. Jen says:

    Hi Mike! We’re sorry to hear you are unhappy with Typepad, and certainly want to make this a better experience for you. However, we do want to clarify some of the negatives you listed about Typepad which aren’t true.

    [Jen is right about much of what she says, so I am gladly posting this. /Mike Block]

    1) We understand the issue with the connection to Facebook being broken regularly is frustrating. While we investigate the underlying cause, we do have an alternative option to automatically share your posts to Facebook.

    You can use your blog’s feed to share your posts with Facebook with a Facebook app, like RSS Graffiti. We have information on using this option to share your posts to Facebook automatically here:

    [Typepad recently adopted this very good alternative /Mike Block]

    3) All Typepad blogs include the option to publish an RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom blog feed, and your site does have a feed enabled. The Atom feed for your blog can be found here:

    Since your blog is connected to FeedBurner, the original feed URL will route through your FeedBurner feed. At Settings > Feeds, you can adjust your feed settings.

    You can also use your blog’s feed to offer an option to subscribe via email to your post, and we have information on setting this up here:

    [I was talking about posting via an incoming RSS feed.]
    [When Jen understood that she added:]

    [I now understand what you referring to in point #3. You’re right that Typepad does not have an option to create a new post from an outside feed. You can use a feed to script tool to display outside posts in a single post or sidebar module with Typepad, but not feed in the content as new posts. We do get asked about a feature like this every once in awhile.

    Personally, I don’t think we would offer an automated feature that created new posts as it would encourage spam blogs. Someone could set up a Typepad account, begin the automated set up of the feed to create new posts, place some ads on the site, and make some money from the ads without ever posting original content. We want to promote great content on Typepad, and sites with regenerated posts with no original content from an RSS feed for manipulating search traffic for ad revenue are all too plentiful. While some bloggers may not use a feature like this maliciously, I would imagine many bloggers would take advantage of the automated posting process./Jen]

    [I wanted tightly filtered RSS input to occasionally supplement my regular posts, but Jen is right to fear abuse. /Mike]

    5) I think you’ll find that all blogging services, including WordPress, will charge you an extra fee to use a unique domain name for your site. Typepad’s Domain Mapping feature which allows you to map a different domain to each blog in your account is available with the Plus ($8.95/month) and higher plans.

    [I responded:]
    [5. You are right. WordPress charges about $3 a month for this, but money was not the main issue. Moving the blog may cost me more than what I could save for years. The cost may be especially high since I recently saw I had Typepad 123… posts, in addition to posts at http://www.quickbooks-blog.com. I also have uncategorized posts. There are apparently no easy ways to fix either or both. /Mike]

    [Jen then responded:]
    [5. I’m not sure I understand your point on #5. Do you want to know how to quickly transfer your site? You can export your posts and comments and import to another blog pretty easily in most cases but it can take some time to migrate content and for search indexes to update with the new location of your site. If you have a lot of images or other files uploaded to Typepad, it will take more time as you may need to upload the files to a new service individually. The other downside to moving your posts to a new service is the permalinks to individualposts may change on import breaking links to your content in search indexes. We certainly hope you’ll stick with Typepad, but if you have any concerns or need help exporting your content, we’ll be able to answer your questions.

    Your posts don’t need to be categorized. If you do want to mass edit your posts, you may want to use the Search feature on the Posts list to locate all posts on a specific topic. Select any posts which aren’t assigned to the preferred categories. Then, you can use the More Actions menu to assign categories to multiple posts at once.

    There’s a lot you can do with your blog’s feed both on your Typepad blog and other sites. If you have an example or idea for what you want to accomplish – either with Pages or displaying your recent posts on another site – we can offer further suggestions. /Jen]

    6) Typepad allows you to create both a dynamic blog or static website or you can create a site which is a combination of the blog and website. Create a New Page – http://help.typepad.com/typepad_pages.html – to add static pages to your site.

    You can use your blog’s feed to embed your latest post directly within your website, and we information on how to set this up here:

    We welcome you to choose a blogging service which best meets your needs, and we hope Typepad is your choice. If you have any questions about the above features, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@typepad.com or by opening a help ticket in your account.

    The Typepad Community & Support Team

    [Jen obviously provided the best possible type of explanations and support. Thanks to her, I will keep TypePad. /Mike Block]