The Yodlee Advantage for Xero

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The Yodlee advantage, for potential Xero clients, is so important that we might have to make up Yodlee if it did not exist. Here is my approach for new clients:

 I will send you an email inviting you to share my computer, at a time you choose. A few clicks will let us see the same screen and make entries on it. Once you come in, I will quickly take us to U.S.-based Yodlee, where an account is ready for you. More than half of the largest banks let 35 million users get balances with Yodlee software. Yodlee only gives READ-ONLY entries and balances, so this is completely safe. All you will enter is your bank name, account name and login (without seeing passwords). We will go to Xero, the future of accounting. It lets us do far better automatic accounting with Yodlee feeds.

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