I do not care if you ever use Xero

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I recently got a very flattering call from Spencer Christek, a top Xero manager. He said other accountants were having problems getting clients to use Xero. He wanted to know what I did that so quickly made us #2 for Xero clients in the United States (List View).

I told Spencer that I do not care if clients ever use Xero. They can keep using any program they like. However, it is always up to me to decide what programs we use. Therefore, we will now use Xero rather than commit malpractice, by using error-prone manual data. I also told Spencer about my I do not care if you ever use Xero approach in this letter:


Dear Client:

I do not care if you ever use Xero. YOU CAN KEEP DOING ACCOUNTING YOUR WAY, with any program you like (or no program at all).

Few of us can tell others what programs to use. However, you cannot make me commit malpractice by accepting manually entered data, with no verification. Now that there is a better way, such data is too error-prone. I MUST check it in the fastest, easiest and least expensive way. It also is the most accurate, automatic, current, reliable and safest way. This also will let me cut your accounting fees by at least 20%, instead of raising them.

I only need about 15 minutes from you, ONCE, to set up my data checking. You need not see me, though meeting you would be my top priority. You only need to be at a computer and know your company bank login. Simply let me know when to email a remote meeting invite.

A few simple clicks will let you see my computer. I will quickly take us to U.S.-based Yodlee, where an account is ready for you. More than half of the largest banks let 35 million users get balances with Yodlee software. Yodlee only gives READ-ONLY entries and balances, so this is completely safe. After you enter your bank name, account name and login (without seeing passwords), we will go to Xero, the future of accounting. It lets us do far better automatic custom accounting with Yodlee feeds. This all should only take about 15 minutes.

When can we do this?


Very truly yours,

Michael Block

PS: I REALLY do not care if you ever use Xero. However, once you see it automatically download and classify most entries every night, you may want to stop wasting time and money badly duplicating it at a much later time.


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