Fast Free Xero CPA Assistance, Save Time and Money (Without Learning Xero)

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I now provide free Xero CPA assistance, with a two-month free Xero trial (twice as long as Xero gives you). You never need to learn Xero or provide a credit card, for the fastest and easiest accounting. Xero is the most accurate, cost effective, current, safe, secure and reliable accounting. It is only $12 a month for most users, with unlimited fast free assistance.

To learn more about Xero, see this Compare Xero link and other links here. You can start getting fast free Xero CPA assistance by emailing or calling 954-903-7250. We will set a time for you to share one of our computer desktops, with only a few easy clicks. This will let us set up Xero for you, without you having to give us bank, credit card or other financial institution logins.

We also can give you fast free Xero CPA assistance during your trial. You can then use our local or international CPA help, for as little as $10 an hour. You also get fast free Xero assistance with a linked in-program user manual and linked tech-support-backed user-to-user forums. You also get unlimited email support, from very knowledgeable techs, 24/7. A Xero tech called me at 8:45 PM a few nights ago, after getting email permission. She spent almost 20 minutes on the phone with me. This is far better than long holds for QuickBooks phone support. Why pay $35 per call (or $250 a year), so non-QuickBooks-using techs can read answers they do not understand, in a language they often speak badly?

Why enter QuickBooks transactions manually and inaccurately, long after they occur?

Why not have 100% of bank, credit card and other financial institution transactions entered automatically, with guaranteed accuracy, every night?

Why not let us automate entry accounts?

Why not have most (up to 100%) of transactions assigned to the right account?

Why waste lots of time and money transferring QuickBooks files and documents to and from CPAs, when Xero makes this largely unnecessary?

Why pay premium prices for QuickBooks CPAs, when Xero helps CPAs help you more, for far less?

To compare QuickBooks to Xero,

with fast free Xero CPA assistance,

Please email or call 888-503-8677

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