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Sugarsync file sharing starts you with 5 GB of free storage, not the 2 GB for Dropbox. Sugarsync also gives you many ways to get extra free Sugarsync storage. Simply learn about (or use) Sugarsync to earn substantial extra free Sugarsync storage.

We both get 500 MB of extra free Sugarsync storage if you sign up for a free 5 GB Sugarsync through a referral. All the Sugarsync words in this post include my referral code. There is a 32 GB limit on such storage per Sugarsync account. However, we also both get 10 GB of extra free Sugarsync storage if you get a 30 GB or better Sugarsync account ($4.99 a month). There is unlimited extra free Sugarsync storage we can both get this way.

Each Sugarsync link in this post includes my referral code for extra free Sugarsync storage. Please look at my Compare Sugarsync, Dropbox, iCloud, Box, Carbonite, Mozy post for all the reasons why you should use it.


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