A Day with Glass, QuickBooks and Xero

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All I can say about A Day with Glass is WOW!

Please see A Day with Glass. Did you ever wonder why HP and others are dropping desktops and other types of computers?

Then see A Day with Glass.

Our amazing future is almost here, with glass. You must see this. Click on:

A Day with Glass

One of the many A Day with Glass viewer comments said a the writer broke his knuckle by punching a Gorilla glass device. It will be terrific when we stop worrying about dropped phones, computers and remotes, because all their components are in such glass. Heck, once you see this you will know why we will not even have remotes. I wrote:

This is a small part of what we can expect in 10+ years. Some projects now make it seem like computers are doubling in power every 9 months, to give us many better things fast. We will live far longer, healthier and more productively. We will make more friends and business partners everywhere, while increasing face-to-face time amd minimizing coordinating, commuting and wait time. We will learn and work more quickly and effectively, partly by guiding networks of computers and people working with us, even when we sleep.

The limited comment length did not let me add:

Oh wait, I have had a network of computers and people, who work with me even while I sleep, for 11 years. It keeps getting bigger, friendlier, more effective and more profitable for us all. This is far more than good business. A worker once said, when asked about a wedding present, that the best present would be lots more work. After years of dealing with remote power, phone and computer outages, I also brought a Ukrainian web programmer and his family here. We arranged transportation, housing and family fishing, bowling, movie, museum and other visits. We now have good citizens and friends, with better jobs than I can provide.

We all need our network because we will soon stop making and teaching Quicken and QuickBooks entries after 28 years, including many as a real the best QuickBooks CPA and QuickBooks insider. Programs like Xero now automatically and accurately download bank, credit card and other financial institution entries daily. They also very inexpensively and accurately categorize most transactions, while protecting against and highlighting possible errors and fraud. This lets us provide automatic daily accounting, balances and reports, for half the cost of monthly or annual QuickBooks accounting.

So please contact me when you want to get much better accounting and faster for much less. There is NOTHING TO LEARN!


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