ATX Tax Software Neglect, Switched to Drake Software

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ATX tax software shows neglect in many ways. This ATX tax software neglect is obvious when Internal Revenue accepts a series of e-filed tax returns. You cannot print a report of ATX tax software transmissions and acceptances. 


4/23/13: It has now been more than two years since I became very unhappy with ATX and switched to Drake Software (professional tax software). Drake Software is an amazing fast program. Drake Softare also has amazingly fast support (9 seconds, all year, no need for help from extra people), at an amazing $1,500 price for very fast speed, very easy instictive data entry, unlimited users, unlimited computers, unlimited support, unlimited e-file, networking and very good document management that you soon will use for all your files. Drake Software even has web links to $10 and $20 consumer program that pays you 80% commissions.

As a result, Drake Software has incredibly better user ratings compared to ATX (150+% as expensive), Intuit ProSeries / Proline (300% as expensive), Intuit Lacerte (500% as expensive), UltraTax (400% as expensive) and all other professional rax programs.



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  1. I will never use ATX software again. I used it in 2012 and what a mess. There were so many software glitches and tech support couldn’t solve the problems!!! I was the phone each time for hours, just on hold-and then a hour or more talking to tech support. Customer service is terrible. When my multi million dollar 1120 corp’s return was LOST by the software, after completion I asked for a partial refund. No response was made to me. My time is valuable and I had to redo the return and I was not going to double bill the client. Terrible software. Never again. Very UNRELIABLE

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    Hi Very Disappointed with ATX:
    This is exactly the type of reaction I had when I left ATX. I see that they still have not solved their many problems. I am sure we both expected much better, since CCH supposedly has a good high-end product. However, I now believe that CCH is only using ATX to try to get more to switch to high-end products.
    Sage also once justified the purchase of Peachtree in this way. In both cases, I believe bad handling of low-end products caused many adverse reactions to the entire company.
    I do not know what type of paradise we might expect from professional tax software. However, Drake gives us something that is much better than any tax software paradise that most of us could possibly imagine. Drake does this is by answering support calls in NINE SECONDS OR LESS, even on April 15. It also ONLY employs tech support agents that can solve problems FAST (immediately or in a few seconds after you send them your tax return).
    All this is less than $1,100 a year, including all states, unlimited e-filing, document management, workflow management, networking, unlimited users and unlimited locations (one EFIN). This product is so good I that non-tax preparers can use it after 40 minutes, with occasional fast Drake help.
    Mike Block Xero CPA 954-903-7250
    Best QuickBooks CPA Inc 888-503-8677
    Intuit paid me to make QuickBooks better!