Xero, The Future of Accounting! #3, Automatic Free Accounting

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You helped make OMG! Xero is The Future of Accounting! and Xero, The Future of Accounting! #2 two of my most popular posts.

It turns out that I understated Xero is The Future of Accounting! The Xero future of accounting is here NOW! QuickBooks Online had 215,000 users at the end of in 2010. This was an impressive 44% increase. At that rate, QuickBooks Online should have 310,000 users by the end of 2011.

When I first looked at Xero, it had 30,000 users at the end of 2010. That was great, as it had 17,000 users a year earlier. However, it had 100,000 users in May and 200,000 in August 2011. That means the Xero Future of Accounting should have had more than 400,000 users by the end of 2011 (a third MORE than QuickBooks Online).

July 2012 update: Xero switched to reporting paid users. This substantially understates actual users, since many can share one paid account. Xero now says it has 100,000 paid users, but that this doubled in 10 months (120% a year). That means theu are growiing 50% faster than QuickBooks Online, as it recently announced 80% growth in a year.

QuickBooks Online does not have multi-currency, so Xero multi-currency gives it users in 100 countries. Xero also is beautiful accounting software. Despite recent changes, many prominent QuicklBooks ProAdvisors still say they would rather spend time in a dentist’s chair than use QuickBooks Online.

Xero has daily automatic accounting, While QuickBooks Online recently got a bad version of this, QuickBooks desktop does not have it at all. Automatic accounting means that all your bank, credit card, loan, investment and other account balances and transactions automatically come into Xero every day. Xero automatic accounting fully classifies entries, with many easily customized automatic accounting rules that we install. Xero automatic accounting even notifies us each time you or Xero classify an entry as Ask Your Accountant. We can even very inexpensively fix Xero Ask My Accountant amd other automatic accounting entries, often before you know you have them.

Please contact us for our 25% C.P.A. Advisor discount on Xero pricing. If even that is too expensive, then contact us for free help with the automatic free accounting that Xero uses for its automatic accounting. This automatic free accounting has 35 million users, as 300 of the largest banks use it internally and 12,000+ financial institutions share data with it. A competitor has 15 million more users. 

You may stay with QuickBooks for now. However, you also should get automatic free accounting, for the fastest and easiest way to get balances, prevent fraud and check QuickBooks. We will soon have a QuickBooks import for it. 

We now have the top two Google posts for automatic free accounting (out of 5 million web pages).


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