Terrible ATX Tax Program Support, the 12 Steps, Switched to Drake Software

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Terrible ATX tax program support is becoming routine.

The ATX tax program often fails to release program locks when you exit. This means you may not be able to use it for even one user, though you supposedly buy it for three users. The terrible ATX tax program support does not effectively document their 12-step login repair procedure. However, these 12 steps often do not work, even when you only have one user to get out of ATX. The last of the terrible ATX tax program support 12 steps makes you reboot the server. Of course, that shuts down all users in all programs, not simply all your terrible ATX tax program support victims.

Of course, you probably heard of the 12 steps before you heard of terrible ATX tax program support. The 12 steps you heard about are the 12 steps used by Alcoholics Anonymous and other substance-abuse dependency programs. Like them, I suspect that the terrible ATX tax program support has less than a 10% success rate.

Today was one of my best (worst) days for terrible ATX tax program support. I called a few days ago about getting extra ATX users. It is not that we really wanted extra users. We simply wanted a way around terrible ATX tax program support, because ATX fails to release program locks. We had already tried the 12 steps repair without success. The call quickly escalated to Level III ATX support. By the time you get to ATX Level III, you often feel like you need the regular 12 steps.

I then got some terrible ATX tax program news. Despite my best efforts, while on the ATX Advisory Council, you still cannot buy a license for few extra users. ATX lets you have three 1040 users for as little as $499. However, you pay $850 for the fourth to unlimited users. On the other hand, I then got good ATX news. The Level III support person saw we had two EFIN users at one location. She then told us we could have three free users for the second EFIN.

I should have gotten them at once, but waited a few days for terrible ATX tax program support. Today a Level I person said I could only have three users total. She would not refer this to Level III. She also said the sales team was unavailable, even when told I only needed extra users to get around a known frequent program bug. This terrible ATX tax program support person then tried showing me a http://MyATX.com/ license. That began the real fun. Instead of having ATX licenses on local computers or a public ATX website, we must fight to login to MyATX. As my recent ATX post said:

This site makes getting help extremely difficult. Despite having no confidential tax data, it has many time wasting security delays. Less than half of us now use the slow Internet Explorer 6+ browsers it requires. ATX tax software also wastes time because MyATX requires a customer number, user name and password. You can only reset a password with your user name and first job location. The worst way ATX tax software wastes time is by having MyATX lock you out, after you fail on three login attempts, even when ATX has no tech support.

MyATX also makes ATX tax software waste time by making you keep changing passwords over time. You cannot use prior passwords. You cannot even see any of the many password limiting rules until you violate some of them (one rule at a time).  I never saw rules like some of these elsewhere, in 50 years of heavy computer use.

As expected, I could not log in even when the agent gave me a password. Trying to get a new password, as she then directed, again locked up MyATX.

Who cares! The terrible ATX tax program support people can always change the license to whatever they wish, regardless of what any one of them say! That means the ATX 12 steps are a waste of time. However, it is Friday night. That makes it time to fix almost anything by getting drunk!

– – – – – 

(Too bad I do not drink.)

(That makes it time to look for other tax software.)


4/24/13: It has now been more than two years since I became very unhappy with ATX and switched to Drake Software. Drake Software (professional tax software) is an amzing program, from an amazing company, at an amazing price. Drake Software also has incredible user satisfaction ratings



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