QuickBooks is Unsafe (updated)

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QuickBooks is unsafe in these 20 ways:

  1. QuickBooks is unsafe because it does not backup automatically.
  2. QuickBooks is unsafe because file damage is very likely.
  3. QuickBooks is unsafe because there are many QuickBooks errors due to QuickBooks program errors. That is why you keep getting updates, some of which have 300 to 700 corrections to these QuickBooks errors.
  4. QuickBooks is unsafe because updates often add new QuickBooks errors. Intuit knows there are almost always major new errors in new QuickBooks updates because it initially releases QuickBooks updates for manual downloads. Only after a period of manual downloads, with frequent screams from users (and further updates),  does Intuit dare release updates as automatic downloads.
  5. QuickBooks is unsafe because Intuit knowingly releases badly programmed products, as it did with the QuickBooks 2009 Pinto Edition. It often does this without testing resolving problems with leading antivirus products.
  6. QuickBooks is unsafe because it comes with many badly set preferences and no effective instructions on why to change them.
  7. QuickBooks is unsafe because its error messages and error reports are hard to understand, hard to find and hard to fix or avoid, based on often incomplete directions.
  8. QuickBooks is unsafe because it does not report file damage unless requested and does not report all known QuickBooks errors.
  9. QuickBooks is unsafe because its built-in error correction program does not run automatically and often does not fix all errors. To see this, compare a clean File, Utilities, Verify to the more complete error listings in F2, F3.
  10. QuickBooks is unsafe because its built in error correction program often further damages QuickBooks files. You can confirm this by written and tech support warnings against repeatedly running Rebuild (Cleanup). This is so bad one leading QuickBooks expert suggests never running Rebuild. 
  11. QuickBooks in unsafe because QuickBooks repairs can be expensive and time consuming.
  12. QuickBooks is unsafe because no one (not even Intuit’s QuickBooks Data Recovery personnel) can fix damaged backups.
  13. QuickBooks is unsafe because you cannot keep a QuickBooks working file (QBW or QBY) in a Dropbox folder, for automatic backups. You also cannot do this with any Dropbox-like program. We are unlikely to get a fix to this soon because you, QuickBooks or the QuickBooks server (caching) program can reorganize the QuickBooks file at any time. Each such change triggers a Dropbox transfer, so additional QuickBooks changes often follow in the midst of Dropbox changes. That is why you can only use Dropbox for a QuickBooks backup or Accountant Copy file, but not from the working files made from them.
  14. Quickbooks is undafe because an Intuit solution, called Shared Books, still does not work. It eventually should let several people share QuickBooks files, though working remotely. Then they issue, of course, will be cost.
  15. QuickBooks is unsafe because it cannot make a QuickBooks backup without DROPPING BACKUP OPTIONS from the copy. This means QuickBooks users, who Restore QuickBooks files, must manually enter all their QuickBooks backup Options each time they restore. Why would Intuit want to remove automatic backup options from restored program, when each restore shows you badly need these automatic backups? The restore computer may not have a drive or folder needed for the automatic backup, but that should be an option. This means users cannot benefit from their own research, or the expertise of good QuickBooks professionals, to set these Options permanently. Unless QuickBooks users enter backup Options repeatedly, after each restore, their QuickBooks restored files will not backup. That puts all QuickBooks data at risk. It also means that a QuickBooks file restored cannot automatically use Dropbox to keep your office, home, laptop and CPA computers QuickBooks in sync. Having QuickBooks drop backup Options is truly stupid (sorry, I cannot think of a better word). Our clients will soon have an automatic script to compensate for this stupidity.
  16. QuickBooks is unsafe because Intuit does not use regular names for automatic backup files. It instead starts them with “ABU_0_” (which probably means Automatic BackUp). This adds to over long file names, so you often cannot see the ending or the date/time. As a result, it is more likely that users will restore older QuickBooks backups.
  17. QuickBooks is unsafe because it allows embedded blanks in very long file names, though these embedded blanks occasionally cause non-reproduceable problems.
  18. QuickBooks is unsafe because Intuit has an unreliable data center. Brad Smith, Intuit CEO, apologized for this in July 2011, after Intuit set industry records for unreliable computer systems. He wrote about new remote fail-safe (redundant) centers, without admitting that the one Intuit data center was in earthquake country. Data processing professionals can arrange for remote redundant processing in less than a month, especially with the largest redundant computer center operator next door to your headquarters (Google). However, in March 2012, one of Brad’s assistants was again apologizing for two days of QuickBooks Online computer outages.
  19. QuickBooks is unsafe because Intuit knowingly pimps untested persons as QuickBooks ProAdvisors, wasting a billion dollars a year for QuickBooks users and badly damaging Certified ProAdvisors. This also involves Intuit running the world’s largest diploma mill, for 40,000+ untested QuickBooks ProAdvisors, though an Intuit survey showed that these so-called QuickBooks Professional Advisors resulted in all complaints to Intuit about QuickBooks ProAdvisors.
  20. QuickBooks is unsafe because Intuit knowingly pimps persons who have no QuickBookis knowledge at all, in Intuit Web Listings, to further badly damage the quality of third-party QuickBooks support. These $15 monthly listings show why Intuit is the world’s cheapest pimp. They also show why Intuit Integrity, once the supposed #1 Intuit operating value, has now become a very sick joke. That is why it was no surprise that Intuit and other top tech companies, were caught screwing employees, with an illegal monopoly “no call” prictices. Intuit is now being sued for this. 

There are really many more than 20 ways that QuickBooks is unsafe. That is why you cannot buy QuickBooks and do not own it. The QuickBooks Software License Agreement expressly denies all liability for any damage QuickBooks causes. It even denies liability if it does not work as advertised or does not work at all. Unless you agree to this, as part of the QuickBooks install, you cannot use QuickBooks. The License Agreement even provides that Intuit can change it at any time, in any way, simply by posting a web notice. Of course, this is the ultimate example of a total lack of Intuit Integrity. 

For more about how QuickBooks is Unsafe and what you should do about it, click How Unsafe is QuickBooks?


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