AMD Phenom II X4 840, Review, Fast, Cheap

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New computer products are often fast, but rarely cheap. However, the new 3.2Ghz AMD Phenom II 840 CPU is very different (fast and cheap). The AMD Phenom II 840 CPU will replace AND upgrade my old QuickBooks systems. This mini review links to more substantial reviews, to save you time and money.

Despite the 840 Phenom name, the Athlon II core has a 2Mb L2 cache (no L3 cache). The 95 watt AMD Phenom II X4 840 also is very energy efficient, compared to other 125 watt Phenom II quad core CPUs. It delivers plenty of raw power, for only $99. Its 4126 Passmark CPU Benchmark makes the 840 #1 on the Top 50 Price Performance CPU list (fast and cheap). The 840 actually is 39% as fast as the fastest CPU, at 9% of its cost (fast and cheap).

Upgrades can be especially cost effective, because the 840 can use old Athlon II AM2 components. This means they can cost between $99 and $441. The AMD Phenom II X4 840 was strong in all benchmarks and actual usage. It far exceeded expectations for a $99 CPU. We are not kidding ourselves. The 840 is a sheep in wolf's clothing. In other words, the 840 may say "Phenom" on the box, but it is "Athlon" in the silicon. However, even though it is an Athlon, it is a 3.2Ghz quad core Athlon selling for $99. That is a staggering deal. As an AM2+ board upgrade, this CPU will blow you away (fast and cheap).

For the average user, this is a hard CPU to beat. It also runs incredibly cool, making it an ideal choice for an HTPC or a QuickBooks desktop.

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