H&R Block vs Michael Block, Fraud 2

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As I recently wrote, the HRB / H&R Block vs Michael Block fraud is a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (Trademark Trial and Appeal Board) fight over my BlockTax registration ( 92050582).

I had to file papers in the HRB / H&R Block vs Michael Block fraud case on October 31. As shown below, other activities left me ONE MINUTE to spare.

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Election Projection 2010, Republican Lead Keeps Jumping (this includes the NY Times) http://www.quickbooks-blog.com/2010/10/election-projection-2010-republican-lead-keeps-jumping-1.html

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Scary U.S. Government Debt (the amounts are really far higher than this)

I only have time for this because I just met the deadline for my 12 page filing for my BlockTax trademark, vs H&R Block Inc.:

          From: Mike Block CPA

          Sent: 10/31/2010 11:56 PM

          To: ‘tmdocketing.elbein@hoveywilliams.com’; ‘mme@hoveywilliams.com’

          Cc: ‘jcrawford@hoveywilliams.com’; ‘ESTTA@uspto.gov’

          Subject: Defendant’s First Requests for Admission –

BLOCKTAX cancellation 92050582 (attached)

          Mr. Elbein

          I am filing to you and ESTTA this way because I am in doubt as
to whether they are now accepting online filings.

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(In a later followup)

The Trademark office accepted the actual filing ONE MINUTE before the deadline:

          —–Original Message—–

          From: estta-server@uspto.gov [mailto:estta-server@uspto.gov]

          Sent: 10/31/2010 11:59 PM

          To: Mike Block CPA

          Subject: ESTTA. Motion to Compel Discovery

confirmation receipt ID: ESTTA376072

          Cancellation No.: 92050582

          Tracking No: ESTTA376072

          Filing Receipt

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