Too Much Bull (or not enough?)

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There was too much bull at a recent Spainish Rampage.

‎40 people were injured in northern Spain on Wednesday, when a raging bull jumped into the packed grandstand and ran amok. The terrifying incident happened in Tafalla, in the northern region of Navarra, when the bull leapt over the fence and climbed up the stairs. Here is the too much bull video.

It is too bad every bull does not do this. It also is too bad that everyone victimized by too much bull in needless government regulations and taxes does not fight back like your life depended on it, because it does.

We could have a Too Much Bull Run that would be far more famous than The Running of the Bulls. Our Too Much Bull Run could feature The Running of the Politicians.

Oh wait, we already have that Too Much Bull Run, The Running of the Politicians. We call it an election, and have it every two years. It will be here soon, so grab your copy of the Too Much Bull Run widget on the right.

Of course, if you do not help us on November 2, 2010, with Too Much Bull, the Running of the Politicians, they will chase you for two more years.

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