QuickBooks Accountant Copy Limits, Frozen QuickBooks Fix

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Many have big problems with QuickBooks Accountant Copy limits. My problem arose while trying to create the Accountant Changes, from the Accountant Copy. The program seemed to freeze, with only a single line displayed. Here is my frozen QuickBooks fix.

First, make sure you have a problem. What seems like a frozen QuickBooks may simply be one that is working VERY slowly, with no indication that it is not frozen. Use the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del), Performance, to see if the system is still active. If you have many entries, it can take 30+ minutes, so let it run. I had around 3,800 entries, which is a VERY bad idea considering QuickBooks Accountant Copy Limits. It is common to have up to 25% of entries not restore, as the number of entries gets large. However, if you must stop the frozen QuickBooks, a Ctrl-Alt-Del shut down did not damage my regular or Accountant Copy file. Then copy (not backup) the files, so you do not take this risk again.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor support initially said that the frozen QuickBooks fix probably related to a corrupt PDF converter. The changed entries apparently list in PDF format, so this made sense. However, I found it strange because the answer was not in the ProAdvisor support Knowledgebase I had already used. A while ago Intuit said it was opening the Tech Support version, of this Knowledgebase, to QuickBooks ProAdvisors. We, but not end users, were now to see what Intuit Tech Support agents see. This meant Intuit was still going to deny this information to end users, forcing them into costly Tech Support calls. That is an example of why I now say that Intuit Integrity Without Compromise, the supposed Intuit #1 operating value, is a big lie.

Intuit also obviously lied about opening its full Tech Support database to ProAdvisors, as this is the second straight time I found Tech Support had information we did not. In any event, do not make my mistake of creating a PDF or printing the changes. The PDF failed and the print was 389 pages. Tech Support suggested I first update to the latest release of QuickBooks, as this happened more often with QuickBooks 2010 R6 and earlier. Turn off automatic updates and all extra programs. Then, try it on a second computer, as this can relate to a corrupt QuickBooks install or corrupt QuickBooks PDF creator.

The problem also can relate to a corrupt data file. By this time I decided to use a computer with 3g of main memory and plenty of free disk space on its local drive. You cannot, however, do a File, Utilities, Rebuild in an Accountant Copy. That made me decide to try a portable backup and restore, so QuickBooks would create a new index. However, it failed, but I was able to do a regular local backup and restore. After that I could do a portable file backup and restore.

The good news is that none of this seemed to damage the Accountant Copy or regular QuickBooks files, so we could keep using them for other purposes. If everything fails, you may want to consider converting the Accountant Copy to a QBW file. You can then manually add the new entries in that file, or update the new file with QuickBooks-Premier Client-Data-Review Prior-Balance-Adjustments. In my case, that would have been good if the merge did not work. By the way, you should backup the new file before merging the changes. That way an frozen QuickBooks d update, which I initially got, will not damage the new file.

If everything else fails, update to the soon to be available QuickBooks 2011. I do not have a reason to expect 2011 to be better, but new versions often are better. More important, an error in an upgrade is eligible for free QuickBooks Data Recovery, when done through QuickBooks ProAdvisors like us. You also might use this as a reason to become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor even if you do not have a QuickBooks consulting practice (the QuickBooks ProAdvisor agreement does not prohibit this and you do not take a test). This gives you QuickBooks Premier, plus the best Intuit QuickBooks support, and much more, for only $449 (until 8/22. Then it is $524. However, that increase probably means that all QuickBooks program prices will soon rise again.

Alternatively, use me as a consultant. I have had a national reputation for defining and fixing QuickBooks files since 1998, so it is not unusual for me to report things like this frozen QuickBooks fix before others publicize the problem. In fact, as soon as I post this article, I will be writing about a new unpublicized QuickBooks problem.



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