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NovelASPect is now the MOST IMPORTANT of my Amazing QuickBooks Add-ons, partly because it runs all my programs, rather than QuickBooks alone.

I have began studying and using computers for 50 years. Twice I founded noteworthy computer companies. I have met monthly with many of the IBM PC creators for 35 years (since long before the PC). I am often among the first users of many new technologies. Therefore, it is quite important when I say NovelASPect has had a bigger effect on me than almost anything new during this period.

Novel gives me a remote Citrix server, as an alternate to a local server and backups. My calculations show it was already substantially cheaper than upgrading my local server and fast workstations, once you consider all costs, Even with an XP server I already owned, it is much cheaper than the cost of upgrading, setting up, customizing, and maintaining new workstations. It is especially important that I can add new users within hours, simply by supplying their software license numbers, as I did with two clients last week. The cloud differences are already so big that one prediction said 75% of all business network techs would lose their jobs by 2010.

I believe few users properly backup, virus and spyware update, disk defrag, etc. They also often need consultants to install and customize many programs on each workstation when they get new computers. There are rarely offsite backups or adequate emergency recovery plans for a hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood, theft, bad virus, computer meltdown, or many other COMMON disasters. All this you can forget about with this Amazing QuickBook Add-ons – NovelASPect, which runs all your programs.

After Hurricane Wilma, my Fort Lauderdale office was without power for almost a month. Fortunately, I began using a remote QuickBooks Windows Terminal Server (WTS) system a few months earlier. The second day after Wilma, my portable and I spent a very productive day at a Palm Beach Starbucks. The fourth day after Wilma, my new portable was in use by a staff person. Soon after, our home power was back on, but the office took a long time.

A year ago, I switched to Citrix. Tests show it is 3 – 4 times as fast as WTS, with 73% less bandwidth. That makes it more reliable and notably faster in practice. We also have few storage space limits (100m per user for data, no charge for program or backup storage [so all programs now go on the web], and minimal amounts for extra storage). This costs $40 / user / month, or $150 for a virtual server and FTP + $30 / user / month. We can now rent QB for less than we now buy it. For example, QuickBooks Pro will be $7.50/month ($90 / year), not $150 discounted. Premier will be $12.50 / month ($150 / year), not $250 discounted.

I now get better QB networking support than I had locally, with free installs of any program for which I have licenses. The cost is less, since my QB payroll license can save up to 50 clients from needing payroll (around $130 – $230 a year each). I also auto-generate any combination of QB reports for any client, on any schedule, on any printer, or in excel or email. If a computer goes down, any computer anywhere can replace it in minutes, with this Amazing QuickBooks Add-Ons: NovelASPect.

I believe that the time and accuracy savings, on repeatedly transferring QB files, between accountants and clients, makes shared remote accounts a no-brainer for both. The related Accountant Copy limits and errors were not acceptable for long. Accountant Copy lets accountants work in a special copy of a file, while clients work in their copy. It is then relatively easy to merge accountant changes into the client copy. However, you cannot make more than 200 or so entries in Accountant Copy before you begin getting many errors (as many as 25%). Even worse are accountants who rarely, if ever, update client files with journal entries, which cannot track any original entries that change. Remote use of client systems often limits the time you can work or makes a client system unavailable. I find all these unacceptable. Therefore, I now insist on temporary use of a shared remote server account, even for those who plan to not to use it permanently. The longer the sharing, the more likely it will become permanent.

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