President Obama’s Speech, First Amendment, Broward School Board Lawsuit #2

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This is an update on President Obama’s Speech, relative to violations of the First Amendment and state law, in my Broward School Board Lawsuit. Judge Cohn issued this order in Case 09-61413-CV-COHN, on September 8, 2009, the same day I filed my federal class action suit:

This CAUSE is before the Court upon Plaintiff’s Emergency Complaint Under the Civil Rights Act… Among other requests, Mr. Block seeks emergency relief, including having the Court issue “an Emergency Temporary Restraining Order to stop Defendants from compelling Students to listen to this President Obama speech, or any such speech, except in accordance with legally adopted Board curriculum, which conforms to the requirements of state and federal laws, including the right not to listen under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”


The Court did not receive a copy of the… complaint until late this afternoon, after the speech, had already been broadcast. Thus, the request to stop Defendants from compelling students to listen… is moot… The Court will enter further orders upon service of the complaint upon Defendants as to the other requests for relief.

Outstanding! Attached is my Complaint and this impressive same-day decision. The dismissal of this one (of many) requests was inevitable, as I could not file sooner. However, I am now very glad about the delay. We simply need MORE evidence that the Board School Board Superintendent, Attorney, Commissioners or school employees knew or should have known that there were legal First Amendment and other objections to requiring student attendance. We already have a YouTube video proving this attached to my prior post on President Obama’s Speech, the First Amendment, Broward School Board Lawsuit. I notified all the Defendants and many Board employees of these objections long before President Obama’s Speech and will certainly subpoena documents and defendants to get more evidence. Accordingly, the broadcast willfully or negligently ignored legal First Amendment, state law and Board rule objections. That should make the Court or Governor Crist remove many defendants and others I can add.

Please contact me if you can provide written or oral confirmation of anyone who knew of objections to this illegal compulsion.


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