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QuickBooks online banking problems let only about 4% of QuickBooks users use one of the fastest and easiest ways to save lots of time and substantially increase accuracy. That is why Intuit recently made a big effort to help many more users with these problems. Unfortunately, initial QuickBooks upgrades created many new problems and errors. That made Mike Block CPA temporarily withdrew his strong support of current QuickBooks upgrades. He intensely pre-release tests QuickBooks upgrades, but cannot test QuickBooks online banking due to Bank of America. It rarely upgrades for QuickBooks online banking until long after QuickBooks upgrades.

Intuit and Bank of America are now delivering fixes to many QuickBooks online banking problems and errors, with new QuickBooks upgrades for the Windows version of QuickBooks 2009 Pro, Premier and Enterprise. Many Intuit people have been working long hours of overtime to rush QuickBooks upgrades for these problems and errors. Mike heard this first hand when he got a call from QuickBooks product managers Greg Wright and Angela Cheung, plus two calls from top QuickBooks executive Terry Hicks.

Mike later got a 30+ minute call from the person he refers to as the Amazing Intuit CEO (Brad Smith). This call came during the Florida – Alabama championship football game, which Brad obviously had no time to watch. A DVR made it easy for Mike to say again, “When Intuit calls, everything waits.” The Brad – Mike relationship began more than five years ago. Former Intuit CEO, Steve Bennett, asked Brad to contact Mike even before Brad reported for work. By then Steve was well on his way to tripling Intuit sales and quadrupling net, in only seven years, with minimal price increases. Steve knew Mike so well he wrote, “Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong.” Brad quickly championed Mike’s plans to increase legendary Intuit responsiveness to user feedback and to shift backed up support calls to user-to-user forums, with tech support backup. This soon produced the Accountant and TurboTax Inner Circle feedback websites and eventually the new Live Community effort., for which Intuit won international awards. Along the way Brad wrote, “You’re amazing Mike. Absolutely amazing!”

The new QuickBooks 2009 Release 4 fixes these QuickBooks online banking problems:

Quick Fill. Start typing payees and accounts and QuickBooks completes them for you.

Add New. This dropdown can add new names, accounts and classes.

Manual Match. View and select QuickBooks register entries to match downloads
manually. You see a register with entries not reconciled or automatically
matched by QuickBooks.

This upgrade fixes many other errors. Click http://www.quickbooks.com/support/ (link along top navigation bar). At the same time, a Bank of America update should let users download directly. On December 18, it will be an auto-update (enable automatic updates). By then Release 5 will let you easily download, review, edit and save Multiple Bank Transactions in a batch. Some QuickBooks users also want multiple windows open at once, but that will come later.

This www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCkvOEErbj8 video shows the QuickBooks online banking problem updates. It is typical Intuit, in that it does not feature a pretty actress reading lines, but pretty Product Manager Cheung, talking about what she obviously passionately believes.

Email OnlineBanking_QB2009@intuit.comwith your thoughts or for online banking notices. Click on http://www.blocktax.com/Contact_us_for_QuickBooks_Accounting_Software.htm for an independent QuickBooks CPA, who knows much of what is coming next from Intuit, no matter where you have your business. Mike often helps clients do much more with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Add-ons. He also usually has long experience with new QuickBooks features before most accountants hear about them.

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