Upgrade QuickBooks Small Business Accounting Software? Online Banking?

This is no first-look article on Upgrade QuickBooks Small Business Accounting Software or QuickBooks online banking problems. It is by a CPA who, with his ProAdvisor staff, often spend 3+ months on extensive annual pre-release tests, before heavy production use. QB Small Business Accounting Software once had bug and related test contests. I got the tests dropped after winning two contests with scores up to 25 times the average.

DO NOT UPGRADE Upgrade QB Small Business Accounting Software, even if you will not use online banking or credit card downloads to avoid online banking problems. Our extensive Small Business Accounting Software pre-release tests rarely use online banking. Many banks, like Bank of America, only upgrade for QuickBooks Small Business Accounting Software after beta tests close, so we cannot pre-release test online banking. There are now SERIOUS QB online banking problems. Google now has 319,000 (!) web pages, updated in the last month, for online banking problems. In addition, the Bank of America QuickBooks representative told us yesterday their 2009 small business online banking upgrade would be in February! However, both Intuit and Bank of America later said this only applied to the Mac. The Windows version could be out as soon as today. However, a QB 2009 online banking problems forum at http://community.intuit.com/quickbooks/post/detail/db1_IYMvSr3yp1acfARklS shows many having extensive problems in other areas. Therefore, DO NOT UPGRADE small business accounting software YET!

Greg Wright (OnlineBanking_QB2009@intuit.com), QuickBooks Product Manager, has engineers working nights and weekends on QB online banking problems. He initially said a Bank of America upgrade would be ready November 14 and is not updating the above forum. This only involves BoA programmers, though I would love to see some top QuickBooks programmers helping there. There is one possible reason for the delay: Bank of America was the largest investor in the recent financing by a startup that wrote its online banking suite. The suite works with and competes with. Some at BoA may want only their program to run. It seems unlikely, but many once correctly said that Microsoft made it so, “DOS isn’t done until Lotus won’t run.” I hope other BoA customers will now join me in daily protests to BoA about its ridiculous annual delays, though I expect the upgrade very soon.

Upgrade QuickBooks Small Business Accounting Software? Online banking and credit card downloads? NOT YET! Greg now expects Quick Add (add new names or accounts in online banking); Quick Fill (typing in drop down fields fills, in names) and manual match (see register to manually match entries) in a mid-December upgrade (upgraded yesterday from late November). He is also rushing Add Multiple (review and edit multiple transactions before entry) and working to let us use forms like sales receipts and inventory for downloads, to solve other QuickBooks online banking. I know what “as soon as possible” means at Intuit, after getting a QB Small Business Accounting Software program fix in five days (counting the weekend before Christmas), for one small add-ons developer.

There is hope, but I never recall such serious QuickBooks small business accounting software problems, involving such long delays. We should have a program to let us convert back to earlier QuickBooks versions. However, this effectively means separate programs for QB 2008, 2007, 2006, and so forth. I hope to forward this to top Intuit people gets them to notify all users of these problems. Please post the QuickBooks online banking problems forum if you agree there should be such a notice.

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